Suburban Senshi Chat #1846 - “Star Wars: Bigger, longer and Recut”
#1846 “Star Wars: Bigger, longer and Recut”

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Mizuno Ami
Star Wars Uncut: The Director's Cut. A compilation of hundreds of fan-made 15 seconds clips recreating the entirety of Episode 4 of Star Wars. ago via AndroidCommentLike


Furuhata Motoki they better have taken out JarJar ago

Reverend H. Elios Episode *4*, Dumbass ago

Meiou Setsuna Besides, aren't you the type who would "take out" Jar-Jar... for dinner? ago

Furuhata Motoki ...hmm ago

Kino Makoto DON'T GIVE HIM IDEAS ago

Ten'ou Haruka OMG the text crawl is hilarious it's like a comments board ago

Jay Daito FIRST ago

Ten'ou Haruka Not even close ago

Serena Tsukino I like the Star Wars! Is this the one with the new Captain Kirk? He's Sooooo Dreaaaamy! ago

Ten'ou Haruka Oh jesus christ ago

Jay Daito No, you mean "Anakin" because he's the messiah or something in that series ago

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