Suburban Senshi Chat #1843 - “Making the Phantom Menace Awesome”
#1843 “Making the Phantom Menace Awesome”

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Aino Minako
How to make The Phantom Menace a good movie: Watch The Phantom Menace and in your mind replace every occurrence of the name "Naboo" with "Alderaan." ago via iPhoneCommentLike


Aino Minako This means Leia was hidden by Obi Wan and grew up on the home planet of one of her parents and is really a princess! It means Vader destroys the planet he once saved, nad makes us sadder knowing this planet, already established as vibrant and full of life, is tragically doomed!! ago

Ten'ou Haruka holy crap neko-chan wow ago

Jay Daito It means the Gungans are wiped out. :D ago

Reverend H. Elios WIN, yo, WIN. ago

Mizuno Ami It also means Jar-Jar caused the end of his race, since he opened the floor in the Senate to the vote which gave Palpatine enough power to take over as Emperor. ago

Michael Sunnyside III We gotta make this happen. ago


Well, the REAL bonus of Naboo being destroyed instead of Alderaan is that now nobody's head needs to explode trying to reconcile the existence of a planet with enough mass to pull itself into a spheroidal shape that is devoid of a molten core.

Aspirant_Snark [e-mail] • 01/20/12 09:14pm

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<// J_Daito //> Why does the announcer in the Smackdown "here comes the pain" commercial sound like dub Captain Ginyu?
<FireFly_9> And if Lesnar did have a proper bra and panties match with that woman, wouldn't he have to wear them too?