Suburban Senshi Chat #1842 - “FDR: American Badass (NSFW Audio)”
#1842 “FDR: American Badass (NSFW Audio)”

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Ten'ou Haruka
Oh HELL YES. True history REVEALED!
0FDR: American Badass
F[BLEEP]k Polio
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Tomoe Hotaru ...What. The. Hell... ago

Aino Minako I hear Kevin Sorbo-sama is in this too!! ago

Ten'ou Haruka Yeah as Lincoln!! ago

Tomoe Hotaru Wait what. ago

Aino Minako Kevin Sorbo-sama!! ago

Tomoe Hotaru No, I mean, Lincoln contemporaneous with FDR? ago

Ten'ou Haruka 'Taru... the Nazis are WEREWOLVES in this. You think a little thing like BEING ASSASSINATED would stop Lincoln from showing up? ago

Tomoe Hotaru Even had he NOT been assassinated, there's no way he could be alive at that time! ago

Aino Minako Zombie Lincoln? ago

Tomoe Hotaru You're not helping, Sempai ago

Aino Minako Robot Lincoln. ago

Tomoe Hotaru NOT HELPING ago

Aino Minako Clone Lincoln! :D ^_^ v ago

Tomoe Hotaru *headdesk* ago


hino clone high did it first ago

Aino Minako watched clone high?? ago

Ten'ou Haruka Even a certified badass demigod needs to watch her stories ago


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