Suburban Senshi Chat #1838 - “MiST: Samurai Cop ”
#1838 “MiST: Samurai Cop ”

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Gemini Sunrise
This here movie made me want t'stab mahself in th' gut with a blade
0MiST: Samurai Cop
Lotta cop, little Samurai
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Jay Daito But he sets such a good example of Samurai-ness ago

Tomoe Hotaru All I can see is Robert Z'Dar's massive chin ago

Kaioh Michiru I did enjoy the Samurai Cop's soliloquy, however. ago

Reverend H. Elios YOU SON OF A B[BLEEP]CHES ago

Meiou Setsuna It felt like the whole movie was shot in one horrible, neverending take ago

Ten'ou Haruka I wonder if the "burn your ass" joke would work with X ago

Doctor Xadium :P ago


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<Mdm_Maestro> Have I swallowed some kind of hallucinogenic drug, or did I just hear you praising Walt Disney, the sugar-coated candy-cane diabetes in the rotted pancreas of American pop culture, for their kind treatment of fluffy little animals, whom you have in the past referred to as "scurrying, flea ridden fur coats with feet"?