Suburban Senshi Chat #1836 - “Suburban Senshi Movie 3: HER FINAL LEGACY”
#1836 “Suburban Senshi Movie 3: HER FINAL LEGACY”

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Well, due to RL and health issues I haven't been able to keep up with new episodes of Endgame, so what I've done is ripped out all the filler from the story arc and made Suburban Senshi: The Movie III - Her Final Legacy.

I think it's a fitting way to close out the mainline Suburban Senshi continuity. In future weeks I'll be redoing the site to focus more on the RP portion of the site, since that's the most active area, but there will still be a place for new updates as well, as infrequent as those might be. I'm not closing the site or anything, but I will be going to very low-update mode.

I want to thank everybody for an awesome 10 years, it's been really fun.



Such a good end... Thanks for the run, X. I'll be expecting less.

Ren Crowler [e-mail] • 01/13/12 12:53pm

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[16:24] <FireFly_9> Sempai are you sure you can take care of Xadium-san?
[16:24] <Nurse_Minako> Hai, Hai... I have him muscle relaxants...
[16:24] * Nurse_Minako notes X-chan is a pile of goo right now who can't move at all
[16:25] <=^catablanca^=> Gah that reminds me of snakes who paralyze their prey with venom and then move in for the kill