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How did you find this? I should report you nobody should have this information alas making it public. This is actually what happened with the series but it never came out. It could always come out anytime but TOEI pulled out financially and there were many legal issues with the series (sister companies). Information got out anyway as they wanted to make money from blackmarket, and misinformation about it spread, and AF was born, and other rumors on the net.

The mystery is solved, pat yourself on the back, but remains it never came out but not impossible to obtain (deepweb or japanese blackmarket) either way at your own risks. This is a sailor moon site wth does this have to do with anything?

professor r • 02/20/12 07:54pm

The Evil Goku Specials take place a little after the "Evil Shenlong Saga", and is in between the 100 year gap.

Also, the Z Ultimate series takes place in between the 100 year timeskip of GT but the last saga extends beyond that point.

This special takes place in between the 100 year timeskip of Dragonball GT, and goku comes back as an adult.
Supersaiyan 5 has red hair with white lines that run through it, blue electricity around it, red fur, evil goku has dark red hair and dark red fur with dark purple ki. It had the year 1999 on it. It is a six episode special, 6 tapes.

Goku goes to train on different planets, learning multiple techniques after defeating Evil Shenlong and fusing with dragonballs.

"Mousetsuten Tenshuuhan" (False Heaven God Seal). This move seals off ones ki and stops them from transforming, itís a telepathic attack, a ki like wave from gokuís mind.

Myou Kamehameha (Dark Turtle Wave)

Several of gokuís attacks changed including shunkan-Idou which turned to Kage Doutai (Shadow Movement).

Dark Spear- Goku made a sword like shape with his ki with his arm straight out, and just goes right through his opponent.

Dark Ki Barrier- This barrier absorbs energy (ki), and goku uses it for his own.

He comes back a couple years later in a Saga that was exclusive to Japan entitled "Fuzen Goku Saga" Fuzen means evil. It consists of six episodes, each an hour long. Let me tell you, it was even better than everything before it. Here is the deal.

There is, however, a lost saga with evil goku (Fuzen Goku) that takes place in between the 100 years, all is peaceful until then.

Zaiga, a cyborg-alien being created to destroy all saiyans was created by this perished race the saiyans destroyed while doing freiza's biddings of exterminating all life on planets so freiza could sell them, was making his way to earth to destroy the remaining saiyans, which are (in GT) Vegita, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Pan, Bra, and they are all on earth. Zaiga comes to earth, fights the z-senshi, vegita ssj4, gohan ssj2, Goten, Trunks, uubu, everyone else, and they are having a tough time with him.

Goku, who is in another Galaxy right now training, senses a spike in powerlevels on earth, so IT's it to that location, and everyone is suprised to see him. Zaiga told goku that his current power is not enough to destroy him, and goku was like I can go beyond a ssj4. Then all this screaming, earth cracking, massive blue lightning around the body, the hair went from black to a light red with a white streak in the middle, fur light red, yellow pupils. This was ssj5. Then something happened, vegita explained that he heard rumors of ssj5 or Tentei Saiyajin. Basically, ssj1,2, and 3 were all masks that cover the saiyan's true form. Ssj4 is the 1st ssj form that reveals part of the saiyans true form. each time they reach a new power, their bodies change, ssj5 is a step further in reaching the true form. Kind of like an onion, that have layers. So, ssj4 is like ssj1, ssj5 is like ssj2, ssj6 is like ssj3, ssj7 is like ssj4, ssj8 is like ssj5, and ssj9 is like ssj6.

Anyway, after the explanation, the dragonballs turned black, and goku started going crazy, then his hair turned a dark solid red, his fur turned dark red, dark purple lightning, and the aura went from gold to dark purple and he grew fangs. This was Fuzen Goku. Zaiga launched an assult on fuzen goku, and fuzen goku felt nothing. He laughed phsycoticly, and basically told zaiga to get the hell out of his face, then punched Zaiga right through the chest, and threw him off his arm.

Then, he whailed on the z warriors, krillin was first, then master roshi sensed goku's evil energy, then king kaio, then grand kaio, then kibito and old kaio. Goku punched krillin with one finger. he was out. Yamcha charged at goku, and goku just bitchslapped him in the woods somewhere, and you don't see him for the rest of the movie. UUbu got fucked up, tien and chaoutzu got owned, basically, Gotenks, Vegita, and gohan were the only ones strong enough to fight.

Gotenks ssj3 tried his hand, and goku did this new technique that stops the flow of ki, and then gotenks unfused and then goku whailed on them. Vegita learned ssj4 without cheating, and goku did the false heaven god seal on him as well, changing vegita to base form, and did a dark turtle wave (Myou Kamehameha) on him, he was out.

Bulma had the blutz wave machine and used it on gohan. Gohan went ssj4, but half transformed b/c he had human blood. His fur was gold instead of red, and hair was gold. He got his ass beat too. After everyone was k.o ed, goku went in the air with a maniacle laugh, and blew up the solar system just by powering up effortlessly ( he can destroy multiple galaxies).

He IT'd to some desolate wasteland planet, and for some reason, Vegita, Gotenks, Gohan, pan and bra was there. Vegita explained they must protect this universe no matter what the cost, even killing goku, and that's when the fight got good. Gohan ssj4 launched an ultimate kamehameha at Fuzen Goku, Vegita ssj4 launced a Super Final Shine at goku, it looked like it hit goku, but when the smoke cleared, goku held gotenks by his fusion jacket collar, and died from that attack. Then gohan whailed on goku for a bit, then goku was like enough and punched gohan through the chest, then he killed vegita. Pan and Bra were hiding behind a rock greiving over their family killed. Goku saw them, Bra grabbed pan and tried to get outta there, and goku killed bra. Pan was left, and goku grabbed her by the neck, and pan gave this beautiful speech about the Goku everyone loved, and goku said, "any last words", and crushed her neck.

Then a tear fell from a deceased Pan onto goku, and he started having flashbacks. Then he snapped out of evil state, and his hair turned from dark red to light red, fangs went away, etc. He teared up, and screamed being mad at himself, and then shenlong came out.

He told goku that all can be restored if you give all your ki, and use all the magic from the dragonballs, and he said okay. Goku requested that everyones memory be erased of his return, then they both dissapear in sparks of light. You see pan a couple years later with a son playing, and then you see a normal ssj5 goku, and comments on how pan's grown, she turns around to see nobody, but looks at the sky and smiles.

That's the second gt ending.

THen, after the 100 years, about 25 to 30 years down the line, Z ultimate comes in.

gouki [e-mail] • 01/08/12 06:09am

究極z ドラゴンボール悟空 スーパーサイヤ9. 2001年-2008年

究極zドラゴンボールシリーズ4 (未発表の,キャンセル,非公共,無免許).

ベータテープ(Beta Tapes)の闇市場. ssj5-ssj9.

スーパーサイヤ9 Son Goku= 全能の (Eksearu Corrupt Saga)

スーパーサイヤ9 (Son Goku & Bejita)

Tentou Kaio- ni-全能の (Eksearu Corrupt Saga)

xcior(Eksearu)= Porunga, Shenlong, blackstar shenlong 融合した= レベルの多元的宇宙 (Beginning of time, Eksearu Saga)

Rashouman-(死) 駆逐艦多元的宇宙の

スーパーサイヤ9 Bejita- 多元的宇宙 (Eksearu Corrupt Saga)

Evil Juu Bei- 宇宙のgaurdian (破損した)宇宙レベル,コズミック.

スーパーサイヤ8 ( Son Goku & Bejita)

スーパーサイヤ8 Son Goku- コズミック, レベルのユニバース. Songoku+Eksearu= Son Goku ssj8 Grants the wish. (Evil Juu Bei Saga)

スーパーサイヤ8 Bejita- コズミック (Evil Juu Bei Saga)

スーパーサイヤ6 Gogeta- Universe busting (Terror of takuri)

スーパーサイヤ7 Son Goku- (Multi-Galaxy busting) (Super Evil Cell Special)

スーパーサイヤ6 Son Gohan- Galaxy Busting (Eksearu Corrupt saga)

(Ancient kais-銀河)

スーパーサイヤ6 Son Goku- (Galaxy Busting,銀河) (Gungir Saga)

スーパーサイヤ6 Begita (銀河)

スーパーサイヤ6 Gungir (Ancestor Saiyajin)

スーパーサイヤ6 Emporer (Ancestor Saiyajin)

スーパーサイヤ6-9 (空き容量battle)

スーパーサイヤ6 (Son Goku, Bejita, Son Gohan, Gogeta, Gungir, Emporer)

スーパーサイヤ5 (ソーラーシステムバスター) (Evil Goku 5 in GT, Roki Saga Z Ultimate)

スーパーサイヤ5 (Son Goku, Bejita, Son Gosan, Gotenks, Gohan)

Piccolo in strength.

スーパーサイヤ4 (Son Goku, Bejita, Son Gohan, Son Gosan, Son Goten, Trunks, Gotenks, Gogeta, Vegita jr, Goku jr, Gogeta Jr.)

スーパーサイヤ3 (Adult Gotenks, Son Goku, Son Gosan,)

スーパーサイヤ2 ( Son Gohan, Son goku, Bejita, Son Goten, Trunks, Son Gosan, Gogeta, Bardock, Goku jr, vegita jr.)

スーパーサイヤ1 ( Son Goku, Burori, Bejita, Son Goten, Son Gohan, goku jr, vegita jr, Bardock, Gotenks, Vegetto, Gogeta, Trunks, Goten, Gogeta Jr.)

Son Gosan- パンとトランクスの息子。

Goten +Roki 娘がいる

Bra has a Daughter and vegita jr is bra's grandson

Trunks+Pan= Gosan

GT- 孫悟空はが残った、孫悟ssjj5が悪GTスペシャルに来るまで訓練するために惑星から惑星へと行きました。Zaiga

2.タピオンの返還: Saidaugaurn
3.孫悟空の起源 (母)
4.Son Gosan(孫高山最後のヒーロー)
5.Son Gosan(孫高山最強の道へのパス)

2.悪超セルの特別 (Super Evil Cell Special)


Roki Saga (ロキ)
Gangir Saga (ゲンジャ)
悪超セルの特別 (Super Evil Cell Special)

Evil Juu Bei Saga (ジュユビ) (ムービー)
Eksearu Corrupt Saga (エツクシアウ)

究极Zドラゴンボール or アルティメイトZドラゴンボール

Dragonball Z Ultimate (4th series unreleased)

ドラゴンボールZ究极 or ドラゴンボールZアルティメイト

gouki [e-mail] • 01/08/12 06:05am

Denga Brother's Saga ( henchmen of Roki, they come to earth to oddly destroy the dragonballs so that their master Roki can gain her powers back because one of the gaurdians of earth sealed her powers there long ago. They beat the tar out of the Z warriors, and with a special technique, get the dragonballs out of Adult Goku's body, but soon after Goku goes ssj5 and quickly disposes of them.

Roki Saga ( an ancient being who fought to be gaurdian of earth long ago, but was sealed in another dimension not connected to our world. She slowly regains her strength after the dragonballs were destroyed, but is defeated from a wish for her power to be sealed back in the dragonballs.

Gungir Saga (Ancestor Saiyan) (this was my favorite saga, you find out that the ancient saiyan's base form was supersaiyan 6) (Gungir is an ancestor of the saiyan race, and he was sealed by one of the gaurdians. He escapes with great power, and plans to rid the universe of the modern saiyans because they are a waste of saiyan blood. He explains to everyone in the old era, Ancient saiyans base form was SSJ6, and they were the storngest race in the universe, but some powerful plague wiped off most of the saiyans, and the survivors were severely weakened. As a result, king vegita and that generation struggle trying to tap into that gene. So any form you see before SSJ6 is only a weakened transformation trying to tap into that dominant ssj6 gene (ssj6 is the biggest form, i have a picture.) Gungir disposes of pretty much everyone who isnt a ssj5/ssj6. Vegita ssj5 dies, gohan ssj4 dies, gotenks ssj4 dies, Piccolo is needed to come back in this saga because dende was killed by gungir, so vegita 5 and gohan 4 go to hell to get piccolo, and he becomes gaurdian of earth. He makes a new set of dragonballs that are 10 times more powerful than the ones dende made, and try to kill gungir by making a wish, but still the dragon couldn't grant the wish. So Piccolo comes up with a very brilliant idea, to fuse all 3 types of dragonballs together. In the meantime goku is getting training from another Ancient saiyan in the time chamber (he was the emporor back when gungir and his people reigned supreme, and he is also ssj6. so he teaches goku to go ssj6, and goku nearly dies in his training) Gungir kills everyone, and Piccolo and Goku IT to Planet Namek to Fuse all 3 Dragonballs into one Super Dragon they call "Xcior" to help grant that wish. Goku is used as a dragon radar now because his body has the earths dragonballs sealed in him, and the dragons subconsciously communicate with each other. They succeed, but Gungir looks at namek from earth, and can actually see piccolo, goku, and the dragon, and he blows up earth and IT to where they are. He kills all the Namekejins, and even piccolo. Goku is enraged and goes ssj6, and gungir destroys Namek, so they fight in SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goku had the upperhand the whole way, sending Gungir through several Planets destroying them, destroying galaxies with the impact of their punches, fighting in core of a planet, going through moons like paper, going many times the speed of light and going through black holes and creating rifts in space like its nothing. This is only ssj6, my goodness. Goku had to retreat though because ssj6 was too much for his body being a modern saiyan, it really effed up his health. Someone gave him a sensu and he defeated gungir. I have to go back and read the script.

Seijin Cell Saga or Super Cell Saga ( goku goes ssj7 in this saga/special) Cell absorbs alot of people in hell, and transforms. after that, he absorbs energy from around the universe, transforming again. goku 6 and vegita 6 are not enough, and goku goes 7 by absorbing the dragonballs power. He does not actually absorb the dragonballs, but just their power.

Evil Juu Bei Saga (The Final saga in which goku absorbs Xcior (porunga, shenlong, and red ultimate blackstar shenlong merged create Ekesearu or xcior along with the thousands of dragons in oblivion), The dragon fused of all thousands of dragons to become a supersaiyan 8!!! Goku is able to grant wishes now, any wish, even his own,and is also a high end energy manipulator. and he does and also makes vegita a supersaiyan 8. Evil juu was the gaurdian of the universe, but became corrupt by watching all the events that have transpired, and transformed to his adult form. The ancient kais made him, each kaio as strong as a ssj6, and juu at infancy was more powerful than all the ancient kais. They sealed him up at infancy, and appointed him gaurdian of the universe and placed him in a place called "Oblivion" outside of our universe and other world. Evil Juu is a cosmic, and can dissipate in the ground and through physical attacks, and can forsee attacks. When Juu went to his adult form, he went to other world and completely destroyed it, absorbing some old enemies in the process gaining even more power. cell, brolli, frieza, super 17, janemba, hirudegarn, etc. Baba tells the Z warriors back on earth that Juu has awakened. Goku and Vegita both go to Supreme kaio world where kiboto kaio and old kaio explain who juu is, and juu goes to earth and destroys that entire galaxy and finds supreme kai world instantly. Now Goku 6 and Vegita 6 fight juu, having no luck because all of their punches and kicks are going through him, and he can dissipate into the ground. So they fuse to SSJ6 Gogeta and beat the shit out of him, and he does a cosmic cry, which instantly split the fusion of Gogeta ssj6. Supreme kai world is destroyed as well as the galaxy, and they are fighting in space. Goku ssj7 holds juu off for a bit until juu gains the upper hand sending goku to many galaxies at speeds that actually rip the galaxies in half. Goku and vegita fight juu bei off so that he can find the last dragonball so that he can transform to ssj8 absorbing all 3 dragons and kibito kai, piccolo, and grand kai release and fuse all the thousands of dragons from oblivion with the "supreme dragonballs" to complete the ritual to create the original dragon from the beginning of time, Eksearu. Eksearu is longer than the universe itself, and travels through dimensions to get to where the battle is, he turns into pure energy and fuses with goku to make goku ssj8. When goku transformed to ssj8, nearby galaxies Eroded in the presence of goku ssj8, and far out galaxies were severely damaged. Goku punched juu bei across the universe to stall for time to make vegita into a ssj as well. Goku's eyes were glowing red because he was granting his own wish, to make vegita a ssj8. juu s

purred out 3 warriors (cosmic Freezer who was now a ssj5 level of power, Cosmic Cell who was like ssj7 level of power, and kid buu. Goku 8 glares at frieza and freiza explodes. Vegita 8 takes on cosmic cell and kid buu who have the upper hand while goku 8 fights juu. then goku helps vegita and vegita does his final annialation attack at juu, but juu absorbed it and lashed it back at him knocking vegita out. before vegita was knocked out he killed cell and kid buu. Juu powers up for his most powerful attack and destroyed the entire universe, vegita dies.

ONly goku ssj8 and Juu are left, and they go to Oblivion. this is the final battle. Goku powers up for his final kamehameha, and juu powers up for his most powerful blast doing a beam struggle. Goku is losing, but hears the voices of his friends and family, and thinks about everything that has happened in his life, and to make the blast more powerful, he gives up his life Ki, and destroys evil Juu. After that, he granted his own wish and fixed the universe and afterlife to the way it was, and dissapears, making him gaurdian of the universe now. The universe mourns because they think goku is dead, and they hold a funeral service. The statue you see in the Goku jr tournament was in honor of him. 12 years pass, Gosan is a little older now training with Goten and gohan and trunks while vegita watches and smiles, but they all hear a voice that sounded like Goku's, they look at the sky and see a shooting star, and then he is standing right there, and that was the end.

Eksearu Corrupt saga - Xcior is Porunga, Ultimate Red Shenlong, and Green Earth Shenlong all fused into one dragon along with the thousands of dragons in Shitsunen (where the dragons sleep, and where juu bei watched over everything).
All the negative energy of the universe and the other world go to oblivion. That is how Evil Juu got corrupt, and by watching all the events of the universe for sooo long.
Since Goku Defeated Super Juu Bei, Goku Is now Gaurdian of the universe and resides in Oblivion while vegita and the rest of the Z gang defend earth and any threat. They are known as Z Earth. (Z Senshi). Xcior Split away from goku but in this saga, he looses his ability to go ssj8. THis saga is very long, it takes place in between the 100 years GT skips, but goes even after the 100 years. Everyone was wished back to youthful ages by Son Goku after the 100 year period. Xcior (Eksearu) is the size of a planet, and has a throne on top of him, and goku rides on him while sitting on the throne, they travel through dimensions and black holes.
I will come back with the complete story from beginning to end. This saga is confusing because they had to fight him twice, and it stretches out soooo long.
But I learned something interesting, according to Z Ultimate script, I found out that GOku can project an image of himself from Oblivion, and that's what he did in the Goku Jr Special. uber..........
before goku went ssj9, he had to go to other world for grand kai and kibito kai to do this ritual the first kai in existence did to unlock all of a persons powers period. the first ever kai was omnipotent just like a ssj9. So vegita ssj8 agreed to hold off Xcior, but got rapestomped and sealed into a dimension that Xcior created, so piccolo and the z warriors had to help vegita get out while goku was training to go ssj9. Vegita escaped, and fought Xcior again, but Vegita was a ssj8, and xcior was as strong as a strong ssj8, close to ssj9, and they were both on earth not fighting.
the sheer presence of them being on earth with both their ki so great, the earth was literally falling apart just from them being there, so they had to go to another galaxy. Vegita lost an arm from a universe busting attack Xcior did.

Goku ssj9 eventually defeats xcior, and recreates oblivion, and makes a new dragon (daruku) from Xcior's remains and that is the new earth dragon. everyone decides to remain dead except for the new generation (gosan, goku jr, vegita jr), Goku ssj9 is the gaurdian of the universe and is a true omnipotent, vegita ssj9 decided to fade off (nobody knows where he went). The end.

gouki [e-mail] • 01/08/12 05:59am

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