Suburban Senshi Chat #1833 - “So Long, Kim Jong”
#1833 “So Long, Kim Jong”

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Michael Sunnyside III
Kim Jong Il is dead ago via iPadCommentLike


Ten'ou Haruka w/ Sven Holy crap... without his MSN chats to GW Bush there would have been no Suburban Senshi IRC ago

Tsukino Princess Usagi ...T_T ago

Tsukino Princess Usagi I remember when I married him for his massive warhead... ago

Ten'ou Haruka w/ Sven Whatever happened to those nukes anyway ago

Tsukino Princess Usagi I still have them stored with my mandroid army ago

Tony Stark Damn no more flying over to North Korea to have fun with the Demilitarized zone <_< ago


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Elza Gray: Ahh, Minako-chan? You've grown a little since we last met. I see you still have *strong* thighs.
[ Inset bubble: Director Xadium spits up his milkshake and almost chokes on it, and Michiru have to help him. ]
Minako: (dryly): I see you haven't changed. (TOO Cheerfully) So how's that whole steroid abuse trial going??