Suburban Senshi Chat #1828 - “Endgame Part 3”
#1828 “Endgame Part 3”

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By Dr. Xadium



Mimete stumbled through the forest, cut, bruised and bleeding. Her hair was a mess, her glasses were cracked, and she was being stung to death by hundreds of mosquitoes. Compared to the forces of nature that Isla Nublar was arraying against her, the autoguns, biometric checkpoints, electric fences and armed guards of the Mizunomics Compound were childs play. If only mosquitoes could be tasered as easily as people!

It was several hours before Mimete could finally get to the central compound-- a large, repurposed aircraft hangar filled with kneeling Gundams, each on one bent knee, left arm on the ground, head looking straight ahead as if awaiting commands from some mighty leader from on high. Each of them bore an insignia on the side that read "Mechanized Mercury Brigade 501st."

Surprisingly, there was no visible manned security presence within the hangar. Apparently Toshiko believed strongly enough in her mother's mechanical marvels that she didn't feel the need to have soldiers in the area. Or they were all hiding with that thermoptic camoflauge.

Mimete shivered, not liking that line of thought. Cautiously, she snuck around the gundams, almost tripping at one point and desperately grabbing onto one.

She froze as she heard Toshiko talking in a low voice not too far away from her.

"Ohh, mother," Toshiko cooed, running her hands through Ami's hair, smiling even as her mother's head lolled to one side, drool leaking from the corner of her mouth. "What did that nasty Usagi do to you with her magic crystal?" She ran a finger down the side of her mother's cheek, then lowered herself so she could be eye-to-eye with her.

"How ironic, that when I finally find you, you're a mental vegetable. And now, now-- when I need the encryption keys for the Mizunomics mainframe so that I can truly take over the family business."

Ami looked at Toshiko and simply said "Deeeeerrrrp?"

Toshiko kept smiling. "Oh... if they only knew the pies you have your fingers into," she whispered. "Cloning labs in Austria, robotics factories in Shenzen, youth rejuvenation centers in Hong Kong... black market railgun manufacturing for the British... and all just the tip of the iceberg." The smile slowly faded.

"All made on the back of this 31st century technology you brought home from the future after you left Usagi's employ. While dad and I stayed hungry, cold and tired at home. I watched my father wither away to nothing, sitting in front of his computer, lovingly stroking what images of you he had left... that one of you jamming a sandwich into your mouth was his ultimate treasure... more important than even me."

Toshiko fought to hold back tears. "You left us! Assumed we were just some figments of your overly hormonal teenage imagination! A Sci-Fi story in your brain!"

Mimete listened to all this exposition and fought back a yawn, but part of it escaped anyway. Toshiko seemed to react for a moment, and Mimete's heart almost stopped.

The smile reasserted itself on Toshiko's face. "As clever as I am, I have to admit you are smarter, mother dearest. Or you were, until your unfortunate mishap. And I need that knowledge locked away in your brain..."

Toshiko fished around in one of her pockets and produced a small device, akin to a gauntlet.

Mimete struggled to see what it was, then ran her finger down the right side of her round glasses. The image blurred and refocused, and she was able to zoom in. When she saw what Toshiko was holding, her heart skipped a beat. It was a gauntlet. Gaudy and ornate, it was a gauntlet belonging to the now-deceased Viluy of the Death Busters. It was her special weapon... "Mosaic Buster".

"Mosaic Buster," Toshiko said out loud, as if echoing Mimete's thoughts. "A nanotechnological device. She used it on you, mother... do you remember?"

Ami drooled a little.

"Unbeknownst to you, it had infected you with some nanites during your battle... nanites which spurred on your ambition, made you darker, more unstable... the kind of woman who would give rise to something like Mizunomics... all so you could betray Usagi Tsukino in the future and win the ultimate battle for the Death Busters. Bet you didn't know that, did you?"

Ami didn't reply, but her eyes narrowed.

Toshiko didn't seem to notice Ami's odd expression, but Mimete, being ever-so-the-people-person, read it instantly. Ami knew. She KNEW already. But how could she know?

"I read it in her dreams," Toshiko said, giggling like a schoolgirl. "And I learned how to rebuild this device. Which I can use to manipulate them to do as I please... including forcing the information from your brain directly."

Toshiko donned the gauntlet and pressed a few buttons, ordering the nanites to reconfigure. But then something happened she didn't expect. Ami's body slowly begame to lose all pallor, becoming ashen grey and white, her eyes a shimmering golden against a pitch black... her mouth widening, becoming a hellish maw...

With a primal scream, Ami burst out of her confining wheelchair, a twisted, sick parody of herself.

"Wh-- what the--" Toshiko squeaked, backing up a few steps in an uncharacteristic panic.


* see Sakura's Tale Part 3


"What ARE you!?" Toshiko asked in a panic.

"I AM... MOSAIC!" the hellspawn with Ami's voice screeched, stretching out a hand, and sending out a cloud of grey nanites which consumed one of the computers laying about on a stray workbench. "I CONSUME TECHNOLOGY AND MAKE IT MY OWN!"

Toshiko sweatdropped and began manipulating the gauntlet. "You will obey me! I am the controller, and you WILL OBEY ME!"

MOSAIC simply pointed at the gauntlet, and a wave of nanites lashed forth, consuming the metal. Toshiko shrieked.

"I OBEY NO ONE." MOSAIC looked around. "OH, WHAT'S THIS?" She locked her gaze on Mimete. "MIMI HANYU. MOMMY DIDN'T LIKE YOU VERY MUCH." A stream of nanites lashed out towards Mimete, who panicked and hid behind the Gundam leg, frantically trying to puzzle out what to do. But even as she leaned on the Gundam, it began leaning away from her, groaning and twisting... falling towards MOSAIC and Toshiko, who looked at this incredulously even as they scattered for cover. How could that wisp of a girl topple it over?

Mimete, for her part, was screaming in terror, because her cover had just decided to fall over.

Almost simultaneously, the trio deduced what had happened. A large chunk of the Gundam's leg had simply vanished, causing it to lose structural integrity.

No... not vanished. Been absorbed.

"All it takes is one f[BLEEP]ing molecule!" Sakura April cackled. "One molecule of my being and I can rebuild myself~"

Mimete looked at her hands. The splatter from Saki's exploding body... some of it had caught onto her hands, and she'd transferred it to the Gundam when she had stumbled against it.

Saki burped after gnawing on a chunk of Gundanium. "And 31st Century Gundanium is sooo much better than that frangible crap Mom built me out of before~ so much sturdier~".

"SAKURA APRIL SHINGUUJI," MOSAIC cackled. "Ami knows about you. An inferior invention of Eudial's~"

"Inferior?!" Saki pulled out a small rocket launcher from under her dress and shot it at MOSAIC, who seemed to dissolve in a cloud of mist, letting the rocket pass through her and smash into the back of the hangar, which exploded into a maelstrom of flames.

"YOU CAN'T TOUCH ME," MOSAIC mocked. "BUT I CAN TOUCH YOU~" she sent out of a wave of nanites to consume Sakura April.

"Nanites, huh?" Saki muttered. "Made of metal, by any chance?"

MOSAIC looked at Saki askance. Then she shuddered as Saki held out her hand ala Neo from the Matrix and just stopped the Nanites dead in their tracks.

"I was made to kill a Senshi of Venus," Saki explained darkly. "They wield metal, so naturally I had to have the same power~"

MOSAIC seemed unphased. "There are other ways to deal with you." She nodded at the Gundams, which rose to their feet and all turned towards Saki, hefting their massive Buster rifles and aiming them at her.

Toshiko, for her part, decided discretion was the better part of valour and began inching her way out of the battle zone. That was, until Mimete punched her in the face.

"THAT was for Tomoe-sama!" Mimete yelled, doing her best to tackle Toshiko to the ground.

Saki, for her part, wasted no time inflicting damage to key structural points on as many gundams as she could with her Hellsing ARMS guns. The gundanium was tough, but because the robots were designed to mimic the human form, they suffered from some of the same inherent problems. Take out a knee, and the leg buckles. Take out a leg, and the body falls. Fall while firing a buster rifle, and your buddies will start falling as well. Plus, the units were bigger and slower than she was. Way slower.

Toshiko violently kicked Mimete off of her. "Don't mess with me, blondie."

Mimete rolled on the ground for a moment, struggling to stand, the wind knocked out of her. She was a lover, not a fighter!

"Why don't you just... die?" Toshiko asked, pulling out a remote control and pressing a large red button on it.

Suddenly, the floor of the warehouse shook, cracking and splitting, as huge walls rose up out of seemingly nowhere, turning the vast open space into a labyrinthine maze. Some of the gundams which had been over the rising wall segments toppled over with huge crashes. MOSAIC, Saki, Mimete and Toshiko found themselves separated from each other.

"Hmm. A maze. Whatever shall I do?" Saki asked herself, pressing a finger to her lips in ponderous thought before taking out a rocket launcher and blasting a hole right through the wall in front of her. Then she fired another shell through that hole and taking out part of the wall behind it. Whistling to herself, she started to walk forward in a straight line, through clouds of smoke and firey debris.

MOSAIC, for her part, dissolved into a cloud of nanites, and wafted through the air, rising above the walls, watching Toshiko slinking away.

Mimete, having neither a massive rocket launcher, or the ability to dissolve, pressed herself against one wall and started moving left. She knew that the surest way out of a maze was to just follow the edge of one wall until you hit the exit. Her progress was halted, however, by a trap door which suddenly opened in front of her, revealing a pit of spikes.

"What!?" She jumped back instinctively, wondering who just decides one day it would be a fun thing to put a pit of spikes in a maze.

When the poison gas started to seep out of the pit, Mimete had her answer. Someone who was bats[BLEEP]t insane. She had to get out of the labyrinth, and fast! Looking around, she saw the arm of a Gundam hanging down over one wall. She clambered up it and looked down, seeing over the maze. Sakura April was just blazing a path straight through... but she was heading in the wrong direction. Toshiko and MOSAIC were headed the other way.

"Go back the other way, Saki!" Mimete yelled.

Saki either didn't hear her over the explosions she was causing to carve her way through the maze, or was ignoring her.

Sliding down the front of the Gundam carefully, Mimete made her way to the cockpit and clambered inside, chucking to herself. All she had to do was get this thing started and the game would be over--

--If she could FIND the controls.

Being a product of 31st century technology, the cockpit was spartan, seemingly devoid of any visible controls or control screens. A thousand years of advancement will do that, Mimete reflected bitterly. She was completely without a frame of reference. She could have been stuck in a coffin for all it mattered.

And the next moment, she was. Toshiko had fired some kind of laser at the gundam, melting the metal and sealing the cockpit shut. And without the machine being on, there was no more air coming inside.

Mimete panicked, suffering a bout of claustophobia. She scrambled, hands running over all surfaces, looking for any kind of seam, any way out!

She was hyperventilating now, panicked not only for herself, but for Professor Tomoe, who she could only imagine was still being electroshocked, in pain.

She wrapped her arms around herself, unsure of what to do. All her genius was useless against some stupid metal box! She shivered, panicked and angry. Her fists trembled.

And then she felt it. A hardness in the palm of her hand. Like a hard metal tube she was gripping. At first she thought it was some of Saki's remnants, but then her fist opened as the tube grew in length. It was golden... a rod that just grew and grew, twisting at the top to form a familar half-kotted curl. It was a weapon... her weapon that she hadn't seen or felt since she'd felt the fall of Pharoah 90 while trapped in the Electric Warp so many years ago.

The Charm Buster.

Strangely, its presence didn't give Mimete much comfort. Charm Buster worked by emitting hypersonic waves at a deadly frequency. In this confined space, if she used it... the waves would most certainly rebound and pulp her.

Mimete looked at the staff in her hands, balking. But then she remembered Tomoe. She mentally weighed her feelings for herself versus her feelings for him. Back at Mugen, everyone had thought she was just a suck-up, a gold-digger who was trying to seduce him for her own advancement. While it was true there was an element of self-service in her affections, she actually did love the insane scientist. He had a way of making her feel like the most special woman in the world, and when he laughed...

She wanted to hear that insane cackle again.

Mimete's eyes went golden, and she did her best to summon all her strength. Who was stronger... herself or her weapon? She was going to find out. No. She was going to win. Because HE needed her.

Gritting her teeth, she pressed the head of the staff to the cockpit of the gundam and whispered, "Charm... BUSTER."

The next second there was a skull-splitting shriek, and from the outside, had anyone been looking, the chest of the Gundam bent forward and outward with incredible violence. Blood trickled from the gaps in the metal.

Hearing the blast, Toshiko looked back for a minute and smirked. Too little, too late.

"Going somewhere, *master*?"

Toshiko looked forward again and saw MOSAIC, paling. She held her composure. "Yes, I'm going to take over the world. You can either join me, or get out of my way."

MOSAIC grinned a grin so wide it seemed to split her face in two. "Or I could just *eat* you, and take over the world myself."

Toshiko blanched. "Eat...?"

"Like I ate your dear mother," MOSAIC chittered. "Infecting every cell.... every... GRRK!" Mosaic shuddered, and dropped to her knees.

"Too much iron in your diet, sweetie," Sakura April cooed, holding her arm outstretched, just holding every nanite that composed MOSAIC in place with her force of will, and forcing the tiny robots to shift aside, revealing the head of Mizuno Ami. With her other hand, the killbot produced a large handgun. "If I kill your host, it's over for you~"

Toshiko saw her chance and ran. "Go ahead! Take her! I don't care about my negligent mother! I can still use the Professor's genius!"

Sakura April grinned, trigger finger curling tighter.

"WAIT!" yelled Mimete, who had forced her way out of the shattered gundam cockpit. She was sure her arm was broken, and there was blood trickling from a large gash on her forehead. The stumbling fall she had taken from the cocpit hadn't helped her either. Using Charm Buster as a kind of makeshift walking stick, she hobbled, dragging herself forward towards Toshiko.

"God, you're in no shape to do anything," Toshiko mocked. "I could knock you over with my little finger."

"Saki..." Mimete rasped, trying not to black out. "I need you to do something for me."

Sakura April frowned. "I don't take orders from you, or ANYONE."

"PLEASE!" Mimete yelled. The distraction was all it took to snap Saki's control, and MOSAIC swarmed all over her, nanobots and Sakura April fighting for control. The killbot was in no state to do anything for her.

Toshiko broke into a full run, getting out of the complex.

"I want..." Mimete coughed, hobbling forward. "I want to beat that b[BLEEP]tch."

Slowly dragging her way outside, she saw the concrete block where Sakura April's original body had been encased in concrete. Jedite was lying nearby, passed out, his arm jammed into Luna-P's throat in an almost comical pose. Similarly, Professor Tomoe was out cold, electricity still coursing through his barely twitching body.

Mimete let out a frustrated, primal scream. She was so USELESS! Toshiko could be anywhere by now!

Crying a bit, she sat near the concrete block. Then, her mind started to work. Pushing past the tears, she dug deep and used her smarts rather than her emotions.

Turning to face the concrete block, she grinned.


The block exploded into a puff of concrete dust as Mimete was blown back by the explosion. Inside, large fragments of Sakura April's body remained. While the killbot had regrown herself by eating Gundanium in the hanger, her castoff was still here. And if "all it took was one molecule..."

"Sakura April..." Mimete began slowly, talking to the jagged chunks of destroyed killbot. "...I don't know how your conciousness works... how it's distributed... but I'm willing to bet there's still some of it in those chunks..."

The metal visibly stirred.

"You're off fighting in the warehouse," Mimete explained. "I need your power... please."

Some of the metal reformed into a mouth, apparently with great effort. When it did speak, the sound was harsh, grating, metallic. "I need more mass."

Mimete frantically began shoving the fragments of metal closer together, and watched in awe as it knitted itself back together, slowly rising up to form Sakura April... again.

"This form has a limited lifespan," Sakura April intoned slowly. "My main conciousness is already transferred to a new primary shell. Power levels are markedly inferior."

"You make weapons out of your body," Mimete said, almost in a pleading tone. "Give me a weapon to beat that Toshiko."

Sakura April looked at her for a moment. "Scanning," she intoned. "You are too weak to even lift one of my guns."

"Then don't make a gun!" Mimete cried. "Make me something I can use!"

The killbot pondered. "Primary body requires my energy. I must deactivate."

"WAIT!" Mimete yelled. "Sakura April, you're all connected! I know your main body can hear me! You can control metal! Can you change this castoff into something for me!?"

"Process...I'M FIGHTING FOR MY LIFE, B[BLEEP]TCH!" the metal suddenly yelled, obviously channeling the "real" Sakura April. "TAKE THIS AND SHUT UP!"

The reconstituted Sakura April fell apart, the metal reconfiguring itself, reassembling into an inert mass of parts.

"What the hell is this!?" Mimete yelled in frustration, not understanding what she was seeing.

"Mandalorian BATTLE ARMOR!" Saki yelled back for the last time, the last of her conciousness leaving the suit of metal as she yelled "PUT IT ON!"

Mimete struggled and donned the armor, putting on a snug-fitting battle helmet that visored her face but didn't quite cover all her hair, so her blonde locks poked out the bottom.

"There's... a rocket pack on this..." she mused in awe, just as the suit took flight and she flew over the jungle, soaring high, seeing Toshiko running towards a jeep.

A well-placed rocket blast, and the jeep was incinerated, the blast throwing Toshiko back on her bottom.

Landing on the ground, Mimete ran towards Toshiko, pulling out a blaster from her rocket jetpack.

"CRAP!" Toshiko shrieked, forcing her way up to her feet unsteadily.

Mimete took the butt of the blaster and SLAMMED it into Toshiko's face, knocking her out.

"Damn, that was anticlimactic," Mimete pouted.


"What do we do with her?" Jedite asked, looking over at Toshiko, who was strapped securely to a chair with some chains.

"I say we send her back to dreamland... *permanently*." Sakura April cackled, pressing her gun to Toshiko's forehead.

"MMM," Professor Tomoe muttered, looking over the prone MOSAIC. "THIS TECHNOLOGY COULD BE USEFUL."

"Tomoe-sama," Mimete began slowly, approaching him for a hug "I'm so glad you're--"

Mimete got cut off as the Professor was knocked down by an explosion from MOSAIC's body, landing square on top of her. Not that Mimete was complaining at all about this turn of events.

The nanites swarmed off Ami and flew up Toshiko's nose, turning her skin chalk-white. The chains surrounding her dissolved, absorbed by the nanites.

As Sakura April squeezed off a gunshot, Toshiko's body faded, rippled and vanished, being pulled back into the Dream Dimension.


The next second, she vanished, Saki's shot flying harmlessly off into the distance.

"DAMMIT!" Saki exclaimed in exasperation. Nothing irked her more than a failed kill.

"Derp...." Ami drooled as Saki grabbed her, hefting her over her shoulder like a plush toy.

"I hate this f[BLEEP]ing jungle. Let's get out of here before I burn it all down," Saki growled.

She looked around to see if the others were following her, but Tomoe and Mimete seemed to be engaged in... Twister?

Saki uttered a low oath and just stalked off into the jungle, wondering what the hell else could go wrong.


Unmonitored, a cloning chamber beeped a warning. It beeped again. And a third time. And then the chamber exploded.

A pale, nude leg slowly emerged from the smoke and gas in the chamber, followed by the rest of its similarly nude body.

"Souichi-sama," a low, silky voice half-moaned.




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February 10, 1999: Mamoru and Artemis were checking out a new sweets store, when Zirconia attacked using Mikuuji, determined to seduce Prince Endymion. As the Senshi stood there confused, Princess Kaykuu appeared, trying to beat the villains by playing their game better than they do. Prince Endymion got knocked down, having taken the hit for Usagi. When all hope seemed lost, the Senshi got a break through inspiration from a corny speech by the Moonlight Knight. Sailor Moon used the Moon Tiara action attack to win.


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