Suburban Senshi Chat #1827 - “Suburban Senshi: Endgame - Part 2”
#1827 “Suburban Senshi: Endgame - Part 2”

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By Dr. Xadium



Lasers in the steaming hot noonday bush. The fall of trees, the screech of paniced birds and the stampede of displaced animals. All the subtlety of a mack truck steamrolling through a kindergarten. This was Sakura April "Psycho Saki" Shinguuji at her best, and some would say, worst.

"God, do we have to rely on her," Mimete whined, adjusting her glasses, and fluffing up her orange hair a bit, trying to remain presentable in the eyes of Professor Tomoe, who was following Saki and Jedite from a safe distance.


Mimete frowned. "Eudial. Mizuno Ami. I don't know why you had interest in any of those girls!" She pouted. "I can do so much better than they ever could, Tomoe-sama!" she insisted.

"EVERY WOMAN HAS THEIR SPECIAL TALENTS," Tomoe replied, adjusting his super-shiny glasses, which were positively blinding in the Costa Rican sun, and looked voer Mimete in her cute safari-scientist outfit, admiring her talents for a time. "JUST LIKE YOU, MIMETE-KUN". He smiled, as in the distance, Saki lobbed a fragmentary grenade into old-growth forest, reducing it to a sea of flames.

"You know," Jedite said slowly, trying not to draw the killbot's ire, "With this level of noise, Zonway Toshiko is sure to hear us coming." He admired the savage, almost feral movement of the killer android through the flames, savoring her presence before him.

"Let her know~" Saki cackled, her eyes a bright, blood-red. "I want her to know... I want her to send EVERYTHING SHE F[BLEEP]ING HAS AT ME so I can crush it and rend it and tear it down and grind it to death under my heel~!". She laughed a throaty, guttural laugh, already envisioning the broken body of Zonway Toshiko snapped in half held over her head ala Simba's presentation to the world in The Lion King, only way bloodier and with more screams.

"I knew there was a reason I grew to appreciate you," Jedite said in a low, hungry voice, sidling up behind her.

"Not while I'm fragging, dear~" Saki said dangerously, incinerating a parrot.

Mimete blanched, watching the couple from a distance. "God that's disgusting." She aped putting a finger down her throat.

"JED HAS A THING FOR ANDROIDS, I GUESS," Tomoe said shrugging, remembering how the < A HREF=>redcreation of about eight years prior to make her not be his slave clone of Hino Rei broke him.

"And I've got a thing for y--" Mimete began, "tripping" forward to hug Tomoe from behind, but the scientist had moved further ahead, and she ended up eating dirt.

"YOU SAY SOMETHING, MIMETE-KUN?" Tomoe asked, looking back at her.

"Mmmgrggle," Mimete muttered, spitting out dirt and shaking her head.

"I'm detecting a mass of severely high technology ahead," Saki said darkly, licking her lips and pulling out a 7-foot long cannon, the Hellsing ARMS Anti-Midian Cannon "Baron Harkonnen" . She hefted the 350 pound weapon over her shoulder like a gym bag, and stood before the dense unburnt forest in front of her, preparing to blaze another inferno forward.

"SO AM I", Tomoe replied, pointing upwards over the trees, where huge spiky armored helmets could be seen poking up over the treelines, camoflauged with netting and leaves. He counted 10... 20... 40... 50... 70...

"Gundanium Armor," Saki muttered, completing her scans of the devices. "And not the s[BLEEP]y kind that blows up easy... the 'W' class Gundanium that can take more of a pounding than Chibiusa Tsukino in a Chippendales."

Mimete took the opportunity to vomit.

"There's a whole army of them," Saki continued, slowly, processing the readouts that were overlaying her field of vision. "And--" She stopped speaking as an army of soldiers seemingly materialized out of thin air, shimmering into existence around the group.

"Thermoptic camoflauge," she growled. "A b[BLEEP]tch to detect."

"You will come with us," one of the soldiers said, hefting his gun and aiming it squarely at Saki's head. "Or you all die here."

Saki just tilted her head to the side. "I count thirty of you, and three of us."

The soldier smirked.

"Run," Jedite said flatly. No one moved for a moment... then Mimite made a dash for the bushes.

"He was talking to THEM!" Saki exclaimed in exasperation, pointing to the soldiers, who looked at each other in confusion.

"Why should we run?" The lead soldier asked, just before Saki exploded him into a million bits of blood, bone and gristle with her cannon, cackling madly.

Jedite reached out with his left arm and sucked the life force out of another ten soldiers, his aura flaring and turning deep black as he powered up.

Professor Tomoe ripped off his lab Jacket and flexed his muscles, growing in mass and size, transforming into the alien Germatoid, whipping his arms and legs around at frightening speed, strangling and snapping more soldiers left and right. As the remainder of the squad re-activated their thermoptic camoflauge, Saki just began listening for the sounds of their movement and spraying the area with machine gun fire from an AK-47 she pulled from under her dress. Blood squirted from the air as the camoflauge failed, and soldiers hit the ground again and again.

"They're.... all MONSTERS!" the last surviving soldier screamed, hobbling off into the forest. Jedite reached out to pull the life from him, but Saki shot at the Dark General's wrist with a low-caliber shot.

"What the hell!" Jedite exclaimed. "He's going to get away!"

"Exactly," Saki cooed. "And where's he going to run?"

Jedite grinned, getting it. "Straight to Mommy."

"BRINGING HER TO US," Tomoe concluded.

"Is it safe to come out now?" Mimete asked, cowering behind a rock, her butt sticking out from behind it, attractively giving away her position.

"Just stay there, pretty girl," Saki growled. The next instant, she exploded into a thousand pieces as a depleted uranium artillery shell hit her dead center in the chest.

Mimete gasped as bits of the now-liquified android splattered on her face. Looking to Tomoe in horror, she saw him get shot through with three jagged metal bars, which were connected to electrical cables. The bars then crackled to life with electrical power, continuously shocking him with millions of volts.

"Your power to regenerate your body can't work under constant stimulation," Toshiko chuckled, walking out of the forest, a huge gundam in tow. "And for all your power, Sakura April, you are notoriously fragile." Snapping her fingers, Toshiko had her soldiers collect all the fragments of the android and seal them in a concrete block. "We don't need you reassembling yourself, as you are so wont to do~".

Mimete rubbed a bit of the metal splatter off her face as she watched this in shock. the only one left was Jedite... and... was that Luna-P biting his head off?!

"The demonic Luna-P can drain life force as well," Toshiko cooed. "And it was my mother who built him, so it was fairly easy to rig up a simple remote control to bend her to my will." She laughed darkly. "My little anti-Jedite."

Jedite dropped to the ground as he rolled, trying to pry the voracious ball off of him.

Mimete looked back at her beloved Tomoe-sama, writing on the ground, body in spasms, changing shape and form involuntarily under the electrical stimulus. "STOP IT!" she yelled. "YOU'RE HURTING HIM!"

"No s[BLEEP]t, blondie," Toshiko muttered dismissively, walking back into the forest. "Now, if you'll excuse me," she cooed, "I need to finish up with my mother."

"W-what about me?" Mimete asked weakly, on her knees.

"What about you?" Toshiko asked, looking back at her. "You're just a second rate bimbo floozy ex-Death Buster operating in the shadow of a much greater genius. You're no threat to me at all." Laughing lightly, Toshiko melted back into the forest.

Mimete felt the blood rush out of her head a bit. She felt faint, and tired. But her Sakura April-splatter covered fists were shaking in anger as she looked over at the twitching, frying body of Germatoid. Insulting her intelligence was bad enough... but hurting Tomoe-sama?! UNFORGIVABLE.

Forcing herself to her feet unsteadily, Mimete looked over at Tomoe one last time, and made her way into the dense jungle. She may not be a powerful monster like the others, but she was a scientist, goddammit, and she was going to save the man she loved... even if it cost her everything.



Mimete gets in over her head in a labyrinth of Disaster! Can she stop Zonway Toshiko before she enacts her master plan to take over the world?
Next time on Suburban Senshi: Endgame! Episode 3- "Death Busters past, present and future! Mimete vs Mosaic Ami! "

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