Suburban Senshi Chat #1823 - “Texas Power!”
#1823 “Texas Power!”

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Gemini Sunrise
Whut th' heck :/
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Ten'ou Haruka w/ Sven I used to rock out to the Power Rangers theme \m/ ago

Jay Daito haha the irony being your beloved Rangers weren't quite so powerful, eh, Cowgirl? ago

Gemini Sunrise ... ago

Jay Daito *makes choking sound* ago

Tomoe Hotaru I can only hope that's because she's strangling you, Jedite. ago

Kaioh Michiru Hmph. Baseball. In my day, it was a pure, noble sport, of raw, unadulterated competition for the love of the game. Now it's overly hyped, over-commercialized and used as a vehicle to sell shoes made by slave labor to kids whose parents can't even afford them. ago

Tomoe Hotaru ...while I absolutely loathe your new persona, it is at least one. :p ago

Kaioh Michiru thought you would appreciate a good anti-corporatist message :P ago

Tomoe Hotaru Says the woman who runs _Kaioh Heavy Industries_ ago

Kaioh Michiru Don't hate those who have to make livings, dear. ago


Kaioh Michiru You're all f[BLEEP]king hypocrites, dear. ago

Tomoe Hotaru ARRRRRRGH ago

Kaioh Michiru goes off to drink some soy milk and recycle cardboard while listening to Florence and the Machine. It's a great band, you've probably never heard of it. ago

Jay Daito I didn't think it was possible for her to get more irritating. ago

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