Suburban Senshi Chat #1822 - “Suburban Senshi: Endgame Part 1 - Hall-o-WTF”
#1822 “Suburban Senshi: Endgame Part 1 - Hall-o-WTF”

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By Dr. Xadium



Bright lights. Photo flashes popping like explosive popcorn. A glittering red dress, hot curves and golden-blonde hair, high-heels hitting the office floor as a sea of Paparazzi follow in tow.

It was the first time in five years that Aino Minako was not in charge of Ginga TV, but you wouldn't know it by looking. Dressed up as Rita Hayworth, she was every bit the center of attention-- to the ire of almost everyone else at the party.

There was Haruka, dressed as Marvel's Thor. Michiru, as "Angry Henry Rollins". The nun, Chibiusa. Hotaru, as Chucky. Artemis the Velociraptor. Jedite as James Bond. Makoto as Misty, and Motoki as Pikachu, and Ami as the cripple Captain Pike from the classic Star Trek episode, "the Menagerie." All of them were being totally ignored in favor of one of Japan's most famous idols.

"Hi hiiiiii, Minna-san!" Minako exclaimed cheerfully, waving at everyone and blowing a kiss at the reporters, who scrambled all over themselves to get shots of her.

"Oh god, what a camera whore," Michiru exclaimed disdainfullly, adjusting her thick, black-rimmed hipster glasses and thumbing her nose at the popular girl. "Back in my day idols had class and sophisticated grace, now it's all blatant, dumbed down commercialised garbage."

"You mean like when Marylin Monroe stood over that air vent and gave out fanservice?" Chibiusa snapped tiredly.

Michiru, as was her way, completely ignored anything contrary to her perfect assessment of the situation.

"Can we just do the costume contest now?" Karasuma Akane snapped, dressed as Tin Nyanko's civilian form with a fake dagger through her chest.

Everyone lined off, with Minako's radiant outfit and stage presence basically blotting out everyone else. Michael Sunnyside, the new owner of Ginga, and the only one not in costume, along with his assistant Ms. Altair , looked over the costumes one by one.

"Hmm... 'Thor... Henry Rollins, Nun.... Chucky... Velociraptor.... James Bond.... Rita Hayworth... Misty... Pikachu... Cripple Pike... Cyberman..."

Sunnyside paused. "Cyberman?" He couldn't remember anyone being dressed like that on the guest list. But it was certainly a well done costume.... very detailed and authentic. Almost too authentic...

"You belong to us..." the Cyberman intoned, lurching forward, and grabbing a random waiter with one hand, electrocuting him to death. "You will be like us."

Immediately, panic filled the party room, and everyone who was a regular civilian bailed out as fast as humanly possible. With bursts of light, the Sailor Senshi in the room transformed and prepared to take out the lone Cyberman, who had managed to cut the lights out just as Sailor Uranus exclaimed "holy crap I have boobs again! And I lost the joystick!"

There was a sudden bright flash of light as the Cyberman's entire body was lit up, and it exploded into a twitching mass of flesh and steel. As the lights rose up, everyone was shocked to see that it was Sailor Mercury who had delivered the finishing blow.

"Ami-chan?!" Makoto asked in shock. Usagi had reduced Ami's mentality to that of a drooling idiot with the power of the Ginzuishou, and she had spent the whole night just sitting slack-jawed in the Captain Pike Wheelchair costume.

"Hello, everyone!" Sailor Mercury exclaimed cheerfully. "It's good to be back!"

Everyone clapped and surrounded Mercury, so glad to see their old friend was okay.

"Guys..." Motoki ventured weakly, having not joined the group hug. "We have a problem...."

Everyone slowly looked back at him, as he pointed to the Captain Pike Wheelchair, where Ami was still safely ensconced, drooling stupidly out of one corner of her mouth.

"That's right, b[BLEEP]tches," "Sailor Mercury" said with an ice-cold grin. "I'm not the Mizuno you're looking for." She tossed her hair, and a curly blue wig fell off, revealing shorter, more cropped blue hair underneath.

"Oh my god..." Makoto realized. "Toshiko!"

"That's right," Toshiko cackled. "Ami's little abandoned girl from the dream dimension." She raised up her arm in an almost ballet-like pose. "All come into her Senshi own~" She pointed her palm downwards, and dispelled a massive wave of ice, which froze everyone it touched. "MERCURY ICE TRANSFIXATION! "

Jedite slipped away in a portal just before the ice reached him, but Toshiko didn't care. Her prize was still before her eyes. She made her way past the frozen inhabitants of the room, and strode to the untouched wheelchair costume her mother was in.

"Hello mother," she said coldly. "Its m'e... Zonway Toshiko~ Your darling little girl~"

"Derp?" Ami asked, lolling her head further to the side.

"We're going on a little trip!" Zonway chirped, hefting up the wheelchair. "To that little island of yours in Costa Rica. The one you think is so hidden, but that floats even now on the sea of your dreams. Where Mizunomics keeps all its toys... the toys you brought back from the 31st century."

Carrying Ami out, she laughed heartily. It was time for the family business to change ownership... and for the world to know her name.



Ami's long-ago dream love affair comes back to haunt the world, and so does her time at the hands of the Death Busters! What's Toshiko's plan for the world, and can anyone stop her with the senshi on ice? Next time on Suburban Senshi: Endgame! Episode 2- "Jungle Fever! Mimete makes her move!"

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