Suburban Senshi Chat #1820 - “Endgame: Liner Notes”
#1820 “Endgame: Liner Notes”

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By Dr. Xadium, 10/26/2011


As time wears on IRL, it gets harder and harder to maintain the same level of quality and consistency in all things Suburban Senshi. Even if it is only a hobby, it's not fair to readers to churn out stuff of less and less awesome each time I go out to bat. So this series of short fics-- 42, to be exact-- one per week, will represent the end of Suburban Senshi as far as the updated main page is concerned. After the 10th anniversary, I'm going to stop updating the front page, and focus on what's left of the live chat community, as my life no longer affords me the time for anything more involved. But, in order to close things out right, this last fic will be made. As best as I can, I will close every arc, every loophole, every unfullfilled quest, even while probably opening more doors. Maybe one day that door will open again-- who knows?

But for now, the "Decision Point" series will be dovetailed into this one. And I will give you a preview of what is to come:

Old faces. Plots for the Future. Engagements. Resurrections. Rivalries. A birth. A death. Sailor V, reborn. Giant Old One Metroid Sphincter. Otohori Academy II. Pokeball abuse. The Amazon Trio. The Amazon Quartet. Drunken accidents with stripper poles. A deadly beard. Phoenix Wright. To be a man, you've got the Beat the Man. Family before Pride. Luna-P's ascension. Setsuna's Soulmate. The Dirty Pair, once more. The sad truth of Usagi's life. Redemption, Renewal and Petty theft. A new way forward, and an eternal legacy.

I'll still work on the CCG and other things in between all this, so it's not all over just yet. And my life circumstances may change-- who knows--? But for now, this is the plan, and I promise to stick to it.

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