Suburban Senshi Chat #1805 - “Rebuilding lives, one messed up strategem at a time”
#1805 “Rebuilding lives, one messed up strategem at a time”

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Dr. Mimi Hanyu
Would be working on solving this damn Silver Crystal Problem her Tomoe-sama ♡ is having, but this damn fool keeps needing to be bailed out.
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Hino Rei Wait, I missed the memo-- HOW ARE YOU ALIVE, AGAIN? ago

Dr. Mimi Hanyu Tomoe-sama needed someone to play Twister with, so he saved me from the Electric Warp :P ago

Hino Rei ... What is this, I don't even ago

Tomoe Hotaru That's papa for you. ago

Hino Rei Doesn't this *bother* you, Hotaru-chan? ago

That's all that matters :< ago

Dr. Mimi Hanyu That's right! I'm no second-rate clone of your poor dead mother like she was, Hotaru-chaaan! ago

Tomoe Hotaru Oh god, please don't suck up to me. I can only tolerate so much. ago

Dr. Mimi Hanyu Hmph. Anyway! I'm hard at work on this Silver Crystal Problem for my Tomoe-sama! :D I came off sabbatical just to do it for him! ago

Reverend H. Elios snrrk... "do it for him", yo... ago

Dr. Mimi Hanyu How would you like to spend the rest of your life AS A GIRL ago

Tomoe Hotaru DO IT! DO IT! ago

Reverend H. Elios Man you all some man-hatin' b[BLEEP]ches up in here, yo ago

Dr. Mimi Hanyu No, we just hate you! ago

Tomoe Hotaru *high-five* ago

Dr. Mimi Hanyu *high-five* ago

Hino Rei ...This is surreal. ago

Jay Daito Wait. Hanyu. Who *WORKS* these days. You're a mad scientist. Why do you WORK? ago

Dr. Mimi Hanyu My Doctorate isn't *fake*, you... you Neanderthal! I actually ENJOY applying the scientific method! and learning, and discovering, and mastering the very forces of nature so I can bend them to my will! HAHAHAHAHAHA! ago

Jay Daito So you just do it for the LULZ, then? ago

Dr. Mimi Hanyu ...If you're going to be so ridiculously non-scientific about it, yes. :P ago

Jay Daito Acceptable. ago

Reverend H. Elios LOL it's the loser convention up in here, yo. Minions unite, yo ago

Jay Daito Oh you're such a "winner", Horse-boy. Weren't you rooming with the Ambiguously Gay Trio for the last however long? ago

Reverend H. Elios Yo YO Hawk and Fish and Tiger are my HOMIES, yo. ago

Jay Daito Those are names for things you EAT. ago

Reverend H. Elios is gonna go eat something else, lemme tell you DAT. ago

Tomoe Hotaru Sometimes I would just enjoy punching him in the face, if it wouldn't snap every bone in my wrist. ago

Dr. Mimi Hanyu You really need milk in your diet, Hotaru-chan. As your new Mama it will be my duty to make sure you have a well-balanced, nutritionally sound diet! ago

Tomoe Hotaru My new what. ago

Dr. Mimi Hanyu You're only what, 9 years old? ago



Tomoe Hotaru ... ago

Tomoe Hotaru What. Papa, WHAT? ago

Tomoe Hotaru WHAT DID YOU DO? ago


Tomoe Hotaru ...When did my life become this unceasing, ever-more-convoluted nightmare?! ago

Jay Daito About the time you got blown up in a freak lab accident, and your dad made you into a robot filled with the evil powers of Mistress 9 and set a clone of your dead mom to be your caretaker. ago

Tomoe Hotaru *sigh* ago

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