Suburban Senshi Chat #1800 - “Passion Play”
#1800 “Passion Play”

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Kaioh Michiru
is feeling amazing today~ ago CommentLike


Tomoe Hotaru One guess why :/ ago

Artemis D. Cat Oh god ago

Ten'ou Haruka DUDE how can men WALK with this damn thing in their pants I don't get it ago

Doctor Xadium Because men aren't always "at attention"? ago

Ten'ou Haruka You lie! There's no way to stop it without [BLEEP] ago

hino has censored this for the greater good ago

Artemis D. Cat Whoa you can censor facebook? ago

hino has no limits ago

Kyu Bey has consummated his "agreement" with Chiba Mamoru ago

Chiba Mamoru I feel so happy~ ♫ So happy~ ♫ So happy and free and~ ♫ ago

Ten'ou Haruka Oh what the hell it's not at attention anymore ago

Doctor Xadium That's good. That's good. You're reacting normally. ago

Jay Daito But wait if Ten'ou's bread is buttered on the other side, shouldn't this please her, err, him? ago

Ten'ou Haruka Shut up only proper girlflesh moves my muscle ago

Kaioh Michiru can vouch for that ♡ ago

Doctor Xadium TMI ago

Tomoe Hotaru Oh shut up Xadium you've known them for HOW long, this is nothing new ago

Chiba Mamoru I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR ago

Doctor Xadium I suppose I should take that in stride, too? ago

Tomoe Hotaru No, no, that's a whole other level of trauma. ago

Tomoe Hotaru Especially considering how that transformation was likely "achieved". ago

Kyu Bey Oh, he unlocked the achievement quite forcefully ♡ ago

Tomoe Hotaru So now he has something else in common with Furuhata Motoki? ago

Kyu Bey ... I am a super-intelligent alien life form, not some kind of pet! ago

Chiba Mamoru That's not what you said last night~ ♡ ago

Kyu Bey <_< ago

Kaioh Michiru has discovered that her cooking is indeed horrible ago

Tomoe Hotaru :O what dark sorcery is this!? ago

Jay Daito SHOKKU ago

Kaioh Michiru Yes, I had some last night and all I did this morning was... expel the contents of my stomach, to put it mildly. ago

Jay Daito ...there's usually not a time delay with the vomitus after one of your meals. ago

Kaioh Michiru Do be quiet, Jedite :P ago

Chiba Mamoru goes off to explore his MAGICAL GIRL POWERS ago

Ten'ou Haruka Wait what do you mean "his" ago

Kyu Bey Magical girl power is a state of mind, scientifically. ago

Ten'ou Haruka So... he's not a woman? ago

Kyu Bey He's in touch with his inner magical girl. ago

Jay Daito So he's not a woman. ago


Tomoe Hotaru Does he have any powers at all? ago

Kyu Bey I have unlocked his true inner potential after a long, hard night of work~ ago

Tomoe Hotaru Does he have any powers at all. ago

Kyu Bey Not a one. :< ago

Jay Daito RIPOFF ago

Kyu Bey But he does have a wish to collect! ago

Ten'ou Haruka As you know, we have a pretty big insane magical girl problem at the moment ago

Kyu Bey Ahh yes, she wields the Ginzuishiou, does she not? ago

Ten'ou Haruka Can your wish shut that thing down? ago

Kyu Bey If Mister Chiba makes the appropriate wish, it is possible! ago

Ten'ou Haruka A RAY OF HOPE ago

Chiba Mamoru faster than a ray of light i'm flyyying~ ♫ ago

Ten'ou Haruka Mamoru! You need to make your wish! ago

Chiba Mamoru What wish? ago

Ten'ou Haruka You know... the wish Kyubey granted you in exchange for becoming a "magical girl" ago

Chiba Mamoru Oh that one ago

Ten'ou Haruka Yes, that one ago

Chiba Mamoru Already used it ago

Ten'ou Haruka Wait, what? ago

Chiba Mamoru me goes off to be summer camp counselor for all those perky young girls from Lucky☆Star ♫ ago

Ten'ou Haruka OH YOU SON OF A ago

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