Suburban Senshi Chat #1798 - “Hijinks @ the 7-11”
#1798 “Hijinks @ the 7-11”

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Kaioh Michiru
Haruka, dear, I know you're bored some days, but really, this is beyond the pale of decency.
0This cup is unwell
Poor, sick cup.
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Reverend H. Elios LMFAO ago


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[11:36] <flame_SNIPER> I wouldn't give you the pleasure :P
[11:36] <SugaBB_2999> u culdnt gav an1 da plesare
[11:36] <flame_SNIPER> Chibiusa-chan, I WILL punish you
[11:37] * C'est_la_V thinks she has that manga...
[11:37] * @Dr_Xadium just LOOKS at Minako
[11:37] <C'est_la_V>,....
[11:37] * C'est_la_V is away: still need to find balls for Artemis