Suburban Senshi Chat #1794 - “My Little Pony: Friendship is Science”
#1794 “My Little Pony: Friendship is Science”

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Ten'ou Haruka
Just saw the MLP:FiM episode "Winter Wrap-up" and is freaked out about nature in the pony world ago via BlackBerryCommentLike


Chiba Mamoru Why ago

Ten'ou Haruka The ponies are shown in that episode "cleaning up" winter. That is, brushing away the snow and seeing that the animals get fed, etc., because their own food stocks are running low. This seems to imply that winter is a mostly artificial thing for them, that is brought on and ends due to pony effort. And the seeds of this are there in the very first episode, where clearing away clouds is Rainbow Dash's job, and other episodes have shown us the pegasus ponies scheduling the weather, and we even visit a weather factory in Cloudsdale. In the autumn episode they have a run to get the leaves to fall from the trees, without questioning why it has to be done. ago

Ten'ou Haruka Also Celestia raises the sun, and her sister used to raise the moon and presumably does again now. Natural cycles seem to be the result of pony effort there, which is strange but I guess not out of line with a storybook world. BUT there's the Everfree Forest. Animals take care of themselves there. The plants grow on their own. Even the weather is beyond pony attention or control. They're creeped out by this. ago

Reverend H. Elios Yo you actually waste time thinking about this s[BLEEP]t, yo? ago

Chiba Mamoru Heh. Clearly the pony world is either the end result of hyperadvanced technology that has beaten natural processes into submission so thoroughly, except in the forest, that they have to move the gears along themselves; or, that they actually live on an artificial satellite and must make natural processes progress with their own effort. The Everfree Forest might then be the result of malfunctioning technology that was intended to work over the whole satellite, but ended up focusing just on one region. (Lending credence to this is the fact that the old palace, seen in the second episode, is in the forest.) ago

Reverend H. Elios No you're wrong M-dawg ago

Chiba Mamoru I'm wrong ago

Ten'ou Haruka ....Dude you REALLY need to work on your f[BLEEP]king brain ago

Chiba Mamoru I REALLY need to work on my f[BLEEP]king brain ago

Ten'ou Haruka *sigh* ago

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