Suburban Senshi Chat #1790 - “They make them big in Texas”
#1790 “They make them big in Texas”

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Gemini Sunrise
Th' Amarillo Sox, an independent Baseball team in th' Texas Panhandle, got themselves a new mascot... an' boy is he a "happy" fella.
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Tsukino Princess Usagi Oh, I would hit--- I'M JUST NOT FEELING IT I HATE THIS HORRIBLE WAY I TYPE ago

Tomoe Hotaru Dear Amarillo Sox, Please pick a new mascot costume...preferably one that doesn't look like the Halloween costume of a sex offender. ago

Karasuma Akane This is why the Red Sox and White Sox don't use SOCKS as their mascots. ago

Aino Minako But it makes me feel like it's happy to see me!! ago

Tomoe Hotaru I can't believe you just said that. ago

Ten'ou Haruka I can ago

Jay Daito @ turnip-head - You'll feel it if it gets within three feet of you-- that thing is gigantic ago

Ten'ou Haruka Not to Godzilla ago

Jay Daito ....everything is diminished in comparison to Godzilla :P ago

Ten'ou Haruka Godzilla should be the gold standard ago

Furuhata Motoki I touched godzilla once ago

Ten'ou Haruka not sure how to take that, coming from you ago

Gemini Sunrise If Godzilla'd come from Texas he'd be even bigger... taller... shoot, y'all jus mess up mah head :P ago

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