Suburban Senshi Chat #1789 - “Strange Facts: Usagi's sacrifice”
#1789 “Strange Facts: Usagi's sacrifice”

Clarissa's Strange Facts about Sailormoon (that may or may not be true)

Despite Usagi being a jerkoff today, she's actually still the most important figure in all of history.

This picture shows "The Eternal Struggle", which is the name, given in legend, to the mystical conflict between "Love and Chaos" that supposedly underpins the structure of reality.

In reality, it is a reference to the shattered battleground of Earth 0, where Tsukino Usagi and Sailor Chaos Galaxia, in the most primal of continuities, stand deadlocked, forever frozen in an instant of time.

Here, in this time, in this place, the "power of love" never purified Chaos Galaxia, who mortally stabbed Usagi. Usagi, in her last dying moment, desperately wanted this to not be the way things ended, and using all her willpower, rooted both herself and the charging Galaxia in one spot for all time, then sent her life force through the Ginzuishou to create an entirely new reality/multiverse where things went as she most desperately hoped they would, with Galaxia being freed thanks to her outstretched hand of peace.

This underpinning, fueled by prime Usagi's eternal will, keeps all of reality in one piece and ordered against the destructive ravages of Chaos, forming a lynchpin not unlike the function of Yggdrasil in Norse Myth.

Should this prime Usagi's concentration be broken, even for an instant, her hold on reality would break and Galaxia would charge forward, killing her, and dooming the multiverse in an instant.

So, despite her current self being a total jerkoff (did I say that already?) She's still a noble-self-sacrificing heroine that we owe everything to... somewhere out there where no one can ever see her to say thanks.

(I didn't post this just to save my own skin, I swear)

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