Suburban Senshi Chat #1782 - “Enter the Marvel Brothel if you DARE (NSFW)”
#1782 “Enter the Marvel Brothel if you DARE (NSFW)”

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Reverend H. Elios
Marvel Brothel. WHO BRINGS DA GOODS, YO?! ago via Mobile WebCommentLike


Ten'ou Haruka So I see Usagi's zapped Marvel with the Space Rock too, huh ago

Jay Daito No, no, I'm pretty sure Marvel will eventually get to this stage all on its own. ago

Mizuno Ami iwhipmyhairbackandforth iwhipmyhairbackandforth iwhipmyhairbackandforth ago

Tomoe Hotaru ...Is someone going to fix her? ago


Tsukino Princess Usagi hay i agri wit da pramase ov das gam,,, loav SHUD B ouar werk toal ago

Jay Daito Okay, you find someone to seduce Neo Princess Insanity and we'll see how it goes from there ago

Ten'ou Haruka LOL "Neo Princess Insanity" I like tha ago

Jay Daito Copyright / Trademark Jedite 2011 ago

Chiba Mamoru can't find this to download ago

Ten'ou Haruka Don't worry you don't want it they're all legal age ago

Chiba Mamoru Not Jubilee ago

Jay Daito ...and I'm called the evil one here. ago


This has earned my approval.

/Thumbs up

Ryan • 06/26/11 05:14am

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[19:46] <// J_Daito //> The short film pulls no punches. It opens with the Smurfs dancing, hand-in-hand, around a campfire and singing the Smurf song. Bluebirds flutter past and rabbits gambol around their familiar village of mushroom- shaped houses until, without warning, bombs begin to rain from the sky.
[19:46] <--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> Now I have to admit a part of me has always wanted to see that.
[19:46] <FireFly_9> Haruka-poppa ><