Suburban Senshi Chat #1776 - “Fussin' about Fridays”
#1776 “Fussin' about Fridays”

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Tomoe Hotaru
Oh, Rebecca Black. I wish to god I could understand the vitriol being hurled at an adolescent for the crime of producing something that was adolescent. ago via BlackberryCommentLike


Ratchet Altair I agree with that. But the web has long given license for a culture of contempt. So many people seem to define their tastes on what they hate, and how cleverly they can hate it. ago

Michael Sunnyside III Online fame is no guarantee that people will like you; they may despise you, and the experience might be one gigantic pile-on. All it guarantees is that a lot of people will know who you are for a short while. Attracting attention online can be like chumming water for sharks, and you're far more likely to discover a million people hate you than love you. ago


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