Suburban Senshi Chat #1775 - “iNVASiON of the VoCaLoiDS”
#1775 “iNVASiON of the VoCaLoiDS”

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Reverend H. Elios
Every flesh-and-blood idol in Japan just shat themselves, yo
0Project Diva Concert
Vocaloid live concert in Japan
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Aino Minako .... This isn't FAIR! We idols work so hard to perfect our voices and our bodies and our dances and then these holograms take over!!! ago

Jay Daito I for one welcome our Minmay overlords ago

Ratchet Altair ...I think Japan just replaced musical idols. I could never have imagined this back in the day. ago

Michael Sunnyside III *buys himself some stock in this company, will bring this to AMERICA* ago


Ten'ou Haruka More fanservice awesome here ago

Michael Sunnyside III American debut infomation here ago

Ten'ou Haruka Holy s[BLEEP]t mike that was fast ago

Michael Sunnyside III I didn't get to be a rich man sitting on my hands, Ten'ou-san! ago

Ratchet Altair /me has arranged for the Mikunopolis to arrive in L.A. ago

Ten'ou Haruka You people scare me sometimes ago


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• 01/24/12 07:26pm

In theory, yes. But they would still have to pay the actor/actress/singer who provided their voice for the Vocaloid's voice banks. There's one using Gackt's voice and likeness, which I'm sure wasn't cheap. Probably not too expensive; given Gackt's geek cred, he probably jumped on the chance to do this.

And don't forget the song writers!

AMD • 06/13/11 02:31pm

but the concept is ingenious! And evil! she has a synthizer for a voice, manga image, and her popularity is growing all over the place. Miku is nothing but profit for the company! (because who pays a virtual idol?)

jovemako [e-mail] • 06/12/11 10:46pm

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<=^catablanca^=> Let's see, it's your sword, your fingerprints on the sword, high-res digital photographs of yourself holding the sword, and a gag newspaper with the headline "Haruka impales Nako-Nako in the eye socket with her Space Sword"