Suburban Senshi Chat #1770 - “Doctor Who Anime: From Fandom to Reality”
#1770 “Doctor Who Anime: From Fandom to Reality”

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Ten'ou Haruka
Man, look at the detail on the mecha. This is PROPER anime, not the weaksauce moe-influenced stuff a lot of shows are now.
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A *fan* did this anime by himself, and the animation hearkens back to the best mid-80's style
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Doctor Xadium I first got into anime with Akira; if it had been moe style I would have probably been woefully unimpressed, but the sheer love they gave to even the smallest mechanical details helped to make an experience that blew my mind ago


Reverend H. Elios Kaneda! ago

Sakura X. Aino Funny you should mention this, cuz... It's happening for reals. ago

Ten'ou Haruka Hahaha f[BLEEP]kers. They're only having to do it in black and white which will save so much effort ago

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