Suburban Senshi Chat #1765 - “DAMMIT SPIRITUS MUNDI”

One of the running gags around here at Sub. Senshi is that the powers that be are constantly ripping off our ideas for whatever reason. Back in the days of PGSM, we had (who was based off Kitagawa Keiko) do a gag where she would rip off her clothes to reveal another set underneath. Flash forward to the PGSM Special act-- and BAM! Kitagawa Keiko pulls the same stunt.

Later, we had a timeline split where Dr. Xadium became two copies of himself. In Doctor Who, some years later, the 10th doctor cloned himself using regeneration energy poured into his severed hand.

Okay, you say, that last one is reaching. Different cause, same effect. Well now, in 2011, the collective unconscious (or Steven Moffat himself) has pillaged the diseased brain of Suburban Senshi once again, in an undeniably blatant display of awesome.

I give you something I like to call "GAWDDAMMIT":

On the one hand this is awesome. It means my mind powerz resonate through the ether like a motherf**ker. On the other hand it means that no matter WHAT I DO someone, somewhere, more successful than me, will implement the idea to a mass audience. (Actually I think Professor Tomoe had the same problem in one of the early SS fics).

(Now yes, Sakura's design is a hack of Sakura Shinguuji. But STILL. This is like... awesome.)

Steven, if by chance you did take poor ol' Sakura's design, make it up to me by BRINGING BACK THE F'N TIME LORDS XD

Just kidding. I know you didn't steal her design. But I'mma stealing yours XD. Sakura, you's gettin' a new suit of clothes :D

-- X the awesome who you should TOTALLY fear because if I imagine some wierd-ass huge monster thing somebody somewhere is gonna make it.

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