Suburban Senshi Chat #1763 - “Bye bye Mach :<”
#1763 “Bye bye Mach :<”

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Ten'ou Haruka
He died for our sins to enable us to live to see tomorrow.
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Reverend H. Elios God dammit yo, I can't believe he's f[BLEEP]king dead, yo ago

Furuhata Motoki Ohhh noooooo :< ago

Ten'ou Haruka He said that in WCW once :< ago

Meiou Setsuna hE liVEzsss in All our HEATS111 ago

Ten'ou Haruka what ago


An icon, for sure. A generation of people very likely have an adventure-worn action figure of him tucked away somewhere. Thats a hell of a legacy. :) RIP

CrystalMan • 05/21/11 10:11pm

He will be missed... OHHHH YEEEAH...

Ren Crowler [e-mail] • 05/21/11 03:02pm

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<Mdm_Maestro> Oh do shut up, you anthorpomorphic sock puppet