Suburban Senshi Chat #1762 - “You forgot them... but they never forgot you :( ”
#1762 “You forgot them... but they never forgot you :( ”

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Jay Daito
FORGETFUL WRETCHES.... do you realize? All your Neopets are _dead_. ago CommentLike


Aino Minako Kami-sama!! I forgot all about my account!! <_< ago

Kino Makoto After ten years, Mina-P... they've gotta be pretty ripe ago

Hino Rei Neo wh... OH SHI ago

Karasuma Akane And many funerals were held this day. ago

Serena Tsukino why did my stock go up more after i stopped logging in ago


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<CÚst_la_V> The Pringles had no taste! I needed the soda to wash them down!!
<=^catablanca^=> They had no taste because you had left them in the hallway for a month and a half propping up the computer desk