Suburban Senshi Chat #1760 - “It's the little things”
#1760 “It's the little things”

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Hino Rei
TinEye image matching search is awesome ago via BlackBerryCommentLike


Furuhata Motoki no its not ago

Hino Rei Why not? ago

Furuhata Motoki A long time ago furmaster Lemmiwinks who was my closest friend in the whole world told me he had a cute rabbit he was taking care of, and I loved him for his kindness ago

Karasuma Akane What the hell does that have to do with anything ago

Furuhata Motoki well it was kind of odd that he never showed me a picture of his rabbit and i wanted to see it, you know, because i loved animals too ago

Jay Daito Oh, we know how much you "love" them, Furuhata ago

Kino Makoto Tell me about it :P ago

Karasuma Akane Again, what does this have to do with anything ago

Furuhata Motoki Well I literally bugged him for MONTHS just to see a pic, it was damn suspicious that he didn't have one of this pet he loved so much ago

Tsukino Princess Usagi ror mabey hi dadn't went u fipping ov 2 a packtur ov his ferrat ago

Jay Daito LMAO ago

Furuhata Motoki RABBIT, and anyway he sent me one one day, finally-- and it was so CUTE ago

Hino Rei What does this have to do with TinEye again? ago

Furuhata Motoki Well anyway I was trying to make him a birthday present one time and knowing how much he loved that rabbit i went to Google Images to find a picture of a rabbit to use, that was when i found loads of pictures of "his" rabbit all over the net ago

Hino Rei ... ago

Furuhata Motoki and one of them was from like a guy's flickr who actually raised the thing, so it wasn't his rabbit at all ago

Jay Daito The rabbit you see, is not the true rabbit? ago

Karasuma Akane Maybe he just gave you any old picture to shut you up about asking ago


Furuhata Motoki for "a laugh" i just put that picture in tineye and got so many hits :< ago

Furuhata Motoki It really was a lie. to this day i don't know if that rabbit really existed T_T ago

Tsukino Princess Usagi dats hirsh ago

Kino Makoto That sucks, Mo. :( ago

Reverend H. Elios The question is, yo-- that fake rabbit... would you hit it ago

Kino Makoto ¬_¬ ago

Furuhata Motoki i would tap that lepus ago

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