Suburban Senshi Chat #1759 - “Gemini learns Japanese: Hiragana Vowels n' Such”
#1759 “Gemini learns Japanese: Hiragana Vowels n' Such”

Gemini Learnin' Japanese!!
After spendin' a lot of time in Japan with Haruka n' th' gang, it's real frustratin' not knowin' Japanese! (Especially when Haruka _loves_ t' give out wrong translations fer things... so dang aggervatin'!)

So Ah decided ah better pull mahself up by mah bootstraps n' learn th' language. Ah'm goin' t' this online textbook t'help me learn, n' as part'a th' study they reccommend Ah make a journal of mah studies n' progress. So Ah'll use this space-- who knows, maybe some of th' resources Ah dig up can help someone else who's studyin'!

Today Ah decided t'start learnin' Hiragana, th' first of th' three main writin' systems. T'help mahself out a touch ah got mah fella t'make this here quiz fer th' first five kana so's Ah can keep 'em straight in mah head. (Ah swear when it comes t' this stuff it's in one ear an' out th' other).

Ah'll post more as Ah go!

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