Suburban Senshi Chat #1757 - “#wtf Senator Chuck Grassley”
#1757 “#wtf Senator Chuck Grassley”

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Tomoe Hotaru
This made me want to laugh hysterically at first, out of the sheer ignorance it seemed to display, but then I realized "Hey, he's actually trying to make it work." ago via BlackberryCommentLike


Tsukino Princess Usagi i spal bater tan dat ago

Tomoe Hotaru No, no you really don't. ago

Chiba Mamoru I disagree ago

Tomoe Hotaru *waves her hand in front of your face* You agree with everything I just said. Chibiusa can't spell at all. ago

Chiba Mamoru i agree with everything you just said chibiusa cant spell at all ago

Tsukino Princess Usagi fffffffffffffffffffffffffu ago

Ten'ou Haruka LOL ago


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'"Welcome, dear Usagi and Minako! Sorry for pulling thee out
of thy beds before noon this Saturday morn; But Verily,
Loose hath become the screws in Haruka 's head. Thou art
some of her closest hangers-on. Couldst thee 'hang out'
with her and tell me what be wrong with her brain?"
-- King Nephlite in "Spamlet"