Suburban Senshi Chat #1750 - “An Apple never tasted so sweet”
#1750 “An Apple never tasted so sweet”

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Ten'ou Haruka
So Apple's gaming is second rate and will never amount to anything, huh? Nintendo disagrees. ago via BlackberryCommentLike


Tomoe Hotaru Jesus Christ are you winning arguments from two years ago? ago

Ten'ou Haruka F[BLEEP]king A ago

Artemis D. Cat I thought you were a PC Gamer ago

Ten'ou Haruka I am, but I got laughed at in the face when I said the Apple Gaming scene was not to be dismissed lightly, like I didn't know what the f[BLEEP]k I was talking about. Now, two years later, Nintendo's s[BLEEP]tting itself. Granted I wasn't expecting it to be *that bad* but still. Vindication is some sweet, sweet sauce. ago

Tsukino Princess Usagi bat haf da tym u dewnt knew wtf ur tlaking abot ago

Ten'ou Haruka As opposed to 100% for you? ago

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