Suburban Senshi Chat #1740 - “Dateline Libya in realtime”
#1740 “Dateline Libya in realtime”

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Tomoe Hotaru
It's amazing how ten years ago, none of this would have been available to the public to use to keep track of world events in real time. ago via BlackberryCommentLike


Jay Daito Yes, so now you can get your war.emo on faster, stronger! ago

Tomoe Hotaru ... ago

Ten'ou Haruka Wait I sees ah "Al- Jazz era" on there, y'all some kind of terruhrist loveah? ago

Gemini Sunrise ...Are you makin' fun of Southern folk? ago

Tomoe Hotaru You *ARE* aware that Al-Jazeera is just a news organization staffed with LOTS of ex-BBC people, yes? ago

Kaioh Michiru And you're explaining this because Haruka has ever been one to appreciate subtle distinctions. ago

Ten'ou Haruka I am the KING of sublt. ago

Tsukino Princess Usagi SUBTL ago

Jay Daito Aha she typoed the typo that's sad ago

Tsukino Princess Usagi fak ov, dikwead ago

Furuhata Motoki Why does all the news stuff happen across the world when I'm sleeping ago

Tomoe Hotaru Most people are sleeping even when they're awake, so it makes no difference. ago

Ten'ou Haruka Well aren't we Morpheus ago

Jay Daito Morpheus works for Las Vegas CSI now ago

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