Suburban Senshi Chat #1737 - “Turn me on, Dead Man (Warning: This _will_ kill an hour)”
#1737 “Turn me on, Dead Man (Warning: This _will_ kill an hour)”

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Gemini Sunrise
is havin' her mind blown by this here documentary on th' replacement of Paul McCartney ago via iPhoneCommentLike


Tomoe Hotaru Gemini-san don't fall for conspiracy theories >< ago

Ten'ou Haruka Man I was watching this last night, it's f[BLEEP]king insane, the guy even has his own website ago

Tomoe Hotaru A conspiracy theory with a website, oh my, that's new. ago

Ten'ou Haruka DUDE YOU are the f[BLEEP]king 9/11 truther Illuminati cabal eschaton global nWo plot believing person why the F[BLEEP]K are you giving *me* s[BLEEP]t ago

Tomoe Hotaru Because that stuff makes sense. The idea that Paul McCartney was replaced is just *ludicrous*. ago

Jay Daito Let me tell you if I had one of the hottest boy band acts of all time and one of my cast members got himself killed and no one really knew, I'd replace him. ago

Tsukino Princess Usagi justan beabear iz a robutt!11111 ago

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