Suburban Senshi Chat #1732 - “Not looking so good after 20 years, V-chan”
#1732 “Not looking so good after 20 years, V-chan”

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Ten'ou Haruka
Saw this on eBay-- what the F[BLEEP]K happened to her?!
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Tomoe Hotaru You mean she doesn't have that expression all the time? ago

Aino Minako This is flanderous!!! ago

Tomoe Hotaru "Slanderous", sempai. ago

Reverend H. Elios "Crack Ho streetwalker edition Venus" - I'd hit it yo ago


Her face looks like Charlie Brown - good grief. And it's in "very good used" condition. How does one "use" a figurine?

Bogey • 02/20/11 07:19pm

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<// J_Daito //> Yes because nothing says "bondage screen savor" like "android 18 in bikini"