Suburban Senshi Chat #1729 - “Negligent Inflection of Cinematic Distress”
#1729 “Negligent Inflection of Cinematic Distress”

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Gemini Sunrise
is fit t'be tied after watchin' Nicholas Cage's The Wicker Man. ago via iPhoneCommentLike


Tomoe Hotaru Oh... you have my sincerest condolences. But why in heaven's name did you even feel the need to watch that utter dreck? ago

Gemini Sunrise Well Ah didn't know beans about it 'cept th' scenes from when y'all showed those clips of Nick Cage losin' it n' Ah thought it might be fun t'watch... Ah was gravely mistaken on that account. ago

Ten'ou Haruka Ahahahah "fun to watch" that's hilarious I feel so bad for you. Now on the other hand, this video of him freaking out in Romania *is* fun to watch ago

Doctor Xadium See this is why I could never write something like that. If I had written that movie, at the end Nick Cage's character would have somehow survived the fire and spent the next 30 minutes dispensing harsh justice to the entire damn colony Kollywood Robot style. ago

Gemini Sunrise That Ah'd pay t'see. Wicker Man Ah'd pay t'ferget. ago

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