Suburban Senshi Chat #1726 - “I'd rather have Cloying Lolicon Moeblobs than this everywhere”
#1726 “I'd rather have Cloying Lolicon Moeblobs than this everywhere”

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Tomoe Hotaru
Apparently there's new Looney Toons animations out, but they're in 3D. ago via BlackberryCommentLike


Jay Daito 3D is to 2D what Cloying Lolicon Moeblobs are to anime. A sickening disease. Look what's happening to One Piece. ago

Ten'ou Haruka F[BLEEP]k it's deleted already. I saw it, it actually looks damn good TBH. ago

Kaioh Michiru It's "Looney Tunes" you heathen. ago

Aino Minako Why do you even care?? ago

Reverend H. Elios Yo this one is still up, watch it while you can, yo ago

Karasuma Akane The conversion to 3D was actually well done, it looks good, but I can't help thinking the only reason they did this was so they would exploit the 3D fad in theatres ago

Ten'ou Haruka Fad? That s[BLEEP]t ain't going away. You see how many TVs are getting it now? We better hope someone figures out how to "3-D" 2D animation without turning it into that One Piece mess, otherwise it won't be that anti-otaku bill that f[BLEEP]ks up anime, it will be the studios themselves. ago

Tsukino Princess Usagi hshsh i culd tall u ur futar u went lyk tit~ ago

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