Suburban Senshi Chat #1723 - “Stupid laws are why we can't have nice things”
#1723 “Stupid laws are why we can't have nice things”

Suburban Senshi IRC Chat

[21:59] <[gTV]Red_Crow> DAMMIT
[21:59] <@SpeedRcrX> What is it
[21:59] <[gTV]Red_Crow> It's all over
[21:59] <[gTV]Red_Crow> The whole reality thing, before we could even really kick it off.
[21:59] <@SpeedRcrX> What happened.
[22:02] <[gTV]Red_Crow> That damn Anti-Otaku Bill 156 that passed the Diet.
[22:02] <@SpeedRcrX> Well I don't see anyone around here doing retarded s[BLEEP]t like incest or rape
[22:03] <[gTV]Red_Crow> YOU FORGET.
[22:05] <[gTV]Red_Crow> Anything harmful to minors is a problem.
[22:05] <@SpeedRcrX> Again, I don't see the problem
[22:05] <[gTV]Red_Crow> ...
[22:05] <[gTV]Red_Crow> Who do we know, that despite being over 900 years old still looks like a kid
[22:06] <@SpeedRcrX> Oh f[BLEEP]k
[22:06] <[gTV]Red_Crow> You're more right than you know
[22:06] <[gTV]Red_Crow> Since we were beaming reality footage 24/7 from all you guys this went out

[22:06] <[gTV]Red_Crow> And now we have to cancel everything.
[22:07] <[gTV]Red_Crow> So there's no more budget for the cameras, the documentation.. the IRC servers...
[22:07] <@SpeedRcrX> Oh boo hoo no more tracking my lif
[22:07] <@SpeedRcrX> Wait
[22:07] <@SpeedRcrX> Did you say the IRC servers
[22:08] <[gTV]Red_Crow> Yup.
[22:08] <@SpeedRcrX> But that me
[22:08] *** Server offline 22:09 25 Jan 2011- SYSTEM SHUTDOWN


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[08:24] * FireFly_9 feels so filthy yet... yet so CLEAN
[08:24] <// J_Daito //> Let it out, Tomoe the younger! Release that pent up aggravation!
[08:24] *** --=[ SpeedRcrX ]=-- [] has joined #suburbansenshi
[08:24] <@spiritflame> Irasshai --=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--
[08:25] <FireFly_9> YES, JEDITE! YES, YES, IT FEELS SO GOOD!
[08:25] <--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> ...............................
[08:25] *** --=[ SpeedRcrX ]=-- [] has quit IRC (not going to f[BLEEP]king ask)