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#172: “Not winning any popularity contests today, am I?”

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<FireFly_9> Thought provoking comment I read today:

"I challenge you to put yourself in Iraqi shoes.

Imagine the USA is being ruled by a creep who has denied your traditional civilian freedoms, played fast and loose with the election process, lined his own and his friends' pockets with taxpayer monies, and freely mingles religion and politics.

Imagine this creep has weapons of mass destruction and is generally regarded with suspicion throughout the world. His foreign policies are suspect and there are worries that he's a loose cannon. His government policies imprison tens of thousands of people accused of victimless crimes; and his police forces regularly incarcerate protesters and are demonstrably biased against dark-skinned citizens.

So China decides to lay the smack-down on your creepy president. They tell him to get the hell outta the country or they're going to unleash the fury of hell upon you all.

He refuses to leave.

So they start Operation Independence. And you are in their way. Kiss your sorry ass goodbye.

But, hey, you're willing to die for the Chinese cause! It'll get rid of the creep who runs your country!

Or is it that you'd think they could perhaps come up with a better solution?"

<FireFly_9> Heh.
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