Suburban Senshi Chat #1704 - “After Dark: Ultra Mashup Edition”
#1704 “After Dark: Ultra Mashup Edition”

Suburban Senshi After Dark, with your host, Wolfwood

[15:28] <[gTV]Red_Crow> WARNING: This is our complete NSFW, We-are-not-held-liable, 18+ zone.
[15:28] <[gTV]Red_Crow> So, if you're easily offended, or not of age, stop reading this one NOW.
[15:28] <[gTV]Red_Crow> You have been warned.
[09:11] <@Wolfwood> What are mashups you may ask?
[09:12] <@Wolfwood> A mashup is the art of taking the accapela or lyrics of a song, and combining it with the instrumentals of another, thus turning two songs that otherwise have nothing to do with one another and turning them into a hit.
[09:12] <@Wolfwood> Never is this truer then with modern pop music, which recycles so much of the same back beats and materials, that one could theoretically create the perfect pop song by just jumbling them all together
[09:12] <@Wolfwood> ...which is just what DJ Earworm did.
[09:12] <@Wolfwood> But he unscaled it. He took the 25 most popular hit songs of 2009, according to Billboard Magazine, and combined them into this:

[09:13] <@Wolfwood> ....and Kanye West can still go f[BLEEP]k himself.

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