Suburban Senshi Chat #1699 - “After Dark: Sweaty Swearpants edition”
#1699 “After Dark: Sweaty Swearpants edition”

Suburban Senshi After Dark, with your host, Wolfwood

[15:28] <[gTV]Red_Crow> WARNING: This is our complete NSFW, We-are-not-held-liable, 18+ zone.
[15:28] <[gTV]Red_Crow> So, if you're easily offended, or not of age, stop reading this one NOW.
[15:28] <[gTV]Red_Crow> You have been warned.
[10:44] <@Wolfwood> So. Yea. Not a lot of setup for this video.
[10:44] <@Wolfwood> Guy's dad "has Tourettes". Guy films dad cursing inappropriately. Guy is internet phenomenon.
[10:44] <@Wolfwood> Internet laughs.
[10:45] <@Wolfwood> Wolfwood finds video. Wolfwood tells Xadium to post video. Xadium receives emails of people complaining about Wolfwood making fun of people with tourettes. Xadium cries.
[10:45] <@Wolfwood> Wolfwood laughs.

[10:45] <@Wolfwood> BONUS VIDEO:
[10:45] <@Wolfwood> Here is a AMV of dubious quality.

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