Suburban Senshi Chat #1687 - “Suburban Senshi RAW: Rosemary's Baby”
#1687 “Suburban Senshi RAW: Rosemary's Baby”

Somehow you always knew this what their baby would be.


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<C'est_la_V> X-chan and I know all kinds of things about each other, like what our favourite foods are, our likes and dislikes... tell me ONE thing you know about Mishka!?
<=^catablanca^=> She's a hot looker!
<mishka_babushka> beautiful mostly babe
<C'est_la_V> AND?!
<=^catablanca^=> Her name is Mishka, she comes from Russia.
<C'est_la_V> AND?!
<=^catablanca^=> She's my girlfriend now.