Suburban Senshi Chat #1671 - “Debut: Sailor Q's Ultra World!”

“Debut: Sailor Q's Ultra World!”

Sailor Q's Ultra World!

Hellos!! Sailor Q here! And Im here to teach you about the world of Ultraman, one of the big three of Japanese live action superheroes!!!!

For a start, an introduction!!!

Ultraman was the brain-child of Eiji Tsuburaya, the special effects artist responsible for Godzilla!

He had created a series called Ultra Q before Ultraman, which was kind of sort of like a Twilight Zone show but with giant monsters, but were talking Ultraman here not that so anyho!

The basic formula for Ultraman is simple! Hes an alien who disguises himself as a human and with the help of a support team who drives mechs and jets, fights off giant monsters and aliens. He can only fight for 3 mins and after that the color timer (a blue jewel on his chest) starts to blink red and if it stops, he dies! (or just goes back to his human form). The Ultra series has run for over 40 years with over 30 different series in all and not just in Japan, with series made in Australia and even the United States. Ultraman has not just been in live action either, with an anime series, animated OAVs and tons of Manga.

Next column will be a review of the first episode of the first series of Ultraman! Come back for flying space balls, dancing Japanese teens and giant blue monsters with teeny tiny arms! Seeya then!!

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