Suburban Senshi Chat #1662 - “High to Low in under 5 minutes”

“High to Low in under 5 minutes”

Suburban Senshi IRC Chat

[01:04] <@SpeedRcrX> You know, I hate the s[BLEEP]t out of Moe and everything it stands for... overly cloying, falsely cute saccharine bulls[BLEEP]t...
[01:04] <// J_Daito //> I smell a but coming
[01:04] <Mdm_Maestro> It's impossible to not smell her but.
[01:04] <@SpeedRcrX> OH WAS THAT A JOKE?!
[01:04] <// J_Daito //> I LOLed
[01:04] <@SpeedRcrX> Well you were right
[01:05] <@SpeedRcrX> I saw this (Euri linked it)

[01:05] <@SpeedRcrX> And... it makes me happy
[01:05] <@SpeedRcrX> Like the world is still full of possibilities
[01:05] <@SpeedRcrX> Even after almost 20 years
[01:06] <Mdm_Maestro> ...god, has it been that long?
[01:06] <// J_Daito //> Hmm, Ten'ou being happy and optimistic?
[01:06] <// J_Daito //> I can fix that.

[01:07] <@SpeedRcrX> Oh god now I just want to split my own skull
[01:07] * // J_Daito // is away: mission- accomplished

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