Suburban Senshi Chat #1661 - “The Revenge of the Halloween Costume Hall of Horrors”

“The Revenge of the Halloween Costume Hall of Horrors”

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[07:19] <@SpeedRcrX> But you can't stick it in there without getting it broken
[07:19] <Reverend_H> tell me about it, yo
[07:19] <@SpeedRcrX> But anyway yeah, this is why I think Digg is full of s[BLEEP]t:

[07:20] <Reverend_H> lol
[07:20] <Reverend_H> (ignore the oil and s[BLEEP]t suffocating animals under the damn sea, yo)
[07:21] <@SpeedRcrX> Yeah

[07:41] <flame_SNIPER> So it's time for thre next installment of "what's everyone wearing for halloween?"
[07:42] <flame_SNIPER> First up, Mako-chan:

[07:42] <flame_SNIPER> I guess she's going for some kind of fresh fruit look or something I dunno
[07:43] <flame_SNIPER> But it's not her "talent" that's sticking out this time
[07:43] <flame_SNIPER> then there's Elios

[07:44] <flame_SNIPER> ...Guy couldn't be more whitebread if he tried
[07:44] <flame_SNIPER> And then X-san and Minako-chan:

[07:44] <flame_SNIPER> what is this i don't even
[07:45] <flame_SNIPER> So glad I'm not doing a costume this year
[07:45] <flame_SNIPER> More tomorrow!


I'm thinking BP should farm out their pr to Banksy for some compensatory negative spin.
Also can't help but think of that glade air freshener commercial jingle. "plug it in, plug it in!"

Bogey • 10/20/10 10:37pm

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