#165: “Computer Nerd Slowly Becomes Anime Nerd - Friends Angered, Scared.”

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<GERMATOID> Read the SHOCKING tale! Because FRIENDS don't LET friends become HARDCORE Otaku! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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~~Which is why its always good to say that history is your life while anime` is just your hobby. (Even though its the other way around, myah!) The way I figure it, you gain far more legitamacy among the nerds by actually being a scholar on Japan through being a researcher of Japanese history rather than because you read a bunch of webstes. And to be "even more bester" you should say that you are interested in United States history (and not Japanese history), with particular focus on US-Japan relations. SNEAKY!! (PLUG! My recent research paper on US-Japan relations between 1952 and 1955. http://www.concentric.net/~enjn/scans/Eidolons.txt See, no one will make fun of you for being a US history nerd! Read and fall asleep!)

~~My brother described to me yesterday one of the Freshman in the big brother big sister program who has been acting similar to this. ("INTIAL D IS SO COOL." Which, of course, it is, but... SHUT UP YOU F@#$!) I mean, goddamn, how right is this article?