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#162: “A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing-- but who's the wolf?”

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<FireFly_9> According to this article, the U.S. Government (via the Central Command (how Cardassian)) is now accusing Saddam Hussein of equipping his forces with British and American uniforms, who would then "attack Iraqi civilians and blame it on Western forces".
<FireFly_9> The source for this information, is of course, deliberately impossible to verify.
<FireFly_9> Now, as a thinker who considers all alternatives, do I consider this a likely scenario? Possibly. Saddam is a reprehensible character who doubtlessly would love to bring ill-repute to his adversaries.
<FireFly_9> However, as the issue of potential civilian casualties "collateral damage" is already a severe hot button issue among the many people and nations opposed to this war, I do find it amusing that now a convenient pre-emptive alibi has just been provided that could be used to counter any tales that should emerge from the fog of war about the "good guys" doing terribly inconvenient things such as mistakenly (or indiscriminately, if we are not being kind) killing civilians.
<FireFly_9> It's Machiavellian in its brilliance. Now we can not only run around killing the enemy's people willy nilly, but we can blame them for it, too!
<FireFly_9> I see the horrified, scandalous looks on your faces already. Would (gasp) The Government actually LIE to US like this? Well guess what... they already promised they would, and they did it in 1991 to gain support for Gulf War I. They even posited something akin to my Machiavellian scenario in the 1960's when they thought up "Operation Northwoods", a cunning plan in which our very own Joint Chiefs of Staff seriously proposed that our own government stage a terrorist attack on OUR own soil to engender support for a war in Cuba.
<FireFly_9> Forgive me if I can no longer take the government and it's anonymous, hyper-classified sources at face value. This particular "revelation" just pushed me too far.
<FireFly_9> And yes, this is a political post-- face it... in a very short period of time, the world is going to become very political whether we like it or not.
<[ Dr_Xadium ]> I am well displeased, with you, Tomoe Hotaru. Well displeased.
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