Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #1584 - “Return of the Monday Night Wars?”

“Return of the Monday Night Wars?”

[05:42] *** Tue Jan 05 2010 - LOGGING START ***
[05:42] *** Topic is - It was like LSD only better -
[05:42] *** Set by @Dr. Xadium on Tue Jan 05 05:42 2010

[05:43] <Reverend_H> the strip poker never delivered yo
[05:43] <@SpeedRcrX> I don't care man, TNA Wrestling last night was like WCW rising from the goddamn ashes to dance on the grave of WWE
[05:44] <FireFly_9> I thought you were sick of the abuses of Pro Wrestling, and them trotting out your favorite stars like broken circus animals
[05:44] <@SpeedRcrX> man
[05:44] <@SpeedRcrX> MAN
[05:45] <@SpeedRcrX> Ric FLAIR, Hulk HOGAN, scott HALL, Kevin NASH, Sean WALTMAN, Jeff HARDY, the NAsty Boys, Val VENIS
[05:45] * FireFly_9 just shakes her head
[05:46] <FireFly_9> And WWE trotted out a broken Bret Hart to counter, from what i heard
[05:46] <FireFly_9> Seriously? How are half those people still ALIVE. And will they be alive for much longer, I wonder.
[05:46] <@SpeedRcrX> Man it was like 1998 all over again
[05:46] <@SpeedRcrX> It was my powerful YOUTH all over again!
[05:47] <@SpeedRcrX> I just... oh god it was so good
[05:47] <@SpeedRcrX> oh god
[05:47] <FireFly_9> ¬_¬
[05:47] <FireFly_9> Then you stayed up till 11 for the first time in ages and couldn't get up this morning
[05:47] <@SpeedRcrX> F[BLEEP]k that I'm here ain't I
[05:47] <FireFly_9> barely
[05:47] <FireFly_9> You
[05:48] <FireFly_9> are old and slow :3
[05:48] <@SpeedRcrX> Wow you're vicious today
[05:48] <@SpeedRcrX> ... Vicious
[05:48] <@SpeedRcrX> I wonder if Sid Vicious is still alive...
[05:49] <FireFly_9> Isn't it BAD when you actually have to ponder if one of your favorite wrestlers still LIVES?
[05:49] <@SpeedRcrX> You keep this up you'll be pondering if you still live after all this is over :P
[05:49] *** Tue Jan 05 2010 - LOGGING STOP ***

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