Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #1581 - “Whatever Happened to the Suburban Senshi, Part VII”

“Whatever Happened to the Suburban Senshi, Part VII”

Tags: TMI

[13:38] *** Sun Jan 03 2010 - LOGGING START ***
[13:38] *** Topic is - LOL Welcome to 2010 -
[13:38] *** Set by @Dr. Xadium on Sun Jan 03 13:38 2010

[13:39] <// J_Daito //> Yes, and not just any David Bowie. We're talking a full-on Thin White Duke-era Bowie, so coked to the gills that he can't even hold the gun straight as he drags innocent Americans out of their homes and forcibly gay-marries them to each other.
[13:40] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> Any morning you can walk away from wasn't good enough~ ♡
[13:40] <FireFly_9> God Sempai ><
[13:40] <@SpeedRcrX> Jed WTF?
[13:40] <// J_Daito //> Conservative Americans' reaction to what INTERPOL will do now that it has full-on diplomatic immunity to do things in America.
[13:42] <[gTV]Red_Crow> This is why the spastic swearing midget is winning, people. You all have no ability to _focus_ ><
[13:42] <@SpeedRcrX> Man she took my powers
[13:42] <[gTV]Red_Crow> I thought you didn't need your powers to be a badass :P
[13:42] <@SpeedRcrX> Man follow my chain of logic here
[13:43] <@SpeedRcrX> I have no powers
[13:43] <@SpeedRcrX> without powers I cannot transform
[13:43] <@SpeedRcrX> without the ability to transform I don't have superhuman stamina
[13:43] <@SpeedRcrX> without superhuman stamina I can't satisfy the machine that is Michiru
[13:43] <[gTV]Red_Crow> ...
[13:43] <@SpeedRcrX> Without that ability she gets f[BLEEP]king cranky in the morning
[13:44] <@SpeedRcrX> and I have to deal with that
[13:44] <@SpeedRcrX> and I can't THINK after
[13:44] <@SpeedRcrX> see so I need my powers to focus
[13:44] <[gTV]Red_Crow> We're just f[BLEEP]king doomed, aren't we
[13:44] *** Sun Jan 03 2010 - LOGGING STOP ***

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