#158: “So you want to work in Japan, do you?”

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<// J_Daito //> As a Dark General with thousands of years worth of experience infiltrating myriad cultures, I have to know how to get into the system. One of the easiest ways is to get hired, performing what the humans call "work", while you coldly observe them, noting their strengths and weaknesses.
<// J_Daito //> If I wanted to, oh, I don't know, set up a Dark Agency in Japan, first I would have to get there. Which means I would have to get hired. Which means I would fire up the Dark Kingdom's copy of Netscape 1.1 (running on our blazingly fast 12 mHz i386), and visit these sites:
<// J_Daito //> Jobs in Japan
<// J_Daito //> Gaijinpot
<// J_Daito //> There were more but I ran out of room in the cache as it seems the 40 megabyte hard drive appears to be maxed out. So these will have to do for now.
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