Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #1575 - “Whatever Happened to the Suburban Senshi? Part 3”
IRC Chat #1575

“Whatever Happened to the Suburban Senshi? Part 3”

Tsukino Usagi or anyone who knows her, this is Furuhata Unazuki again

The 31st century is falling apart

the enemy is batshit insane

you need to know who youre facing, its madness

i dunno the guy who transported me to peru he was named jay daito or something he was hot

but he ran away when freaking EXTREME SAILOR MARS or whatever the heck she was showed up from the future

how did i know who she was?

because crazy bitch shows up announces herself as 'admiral mars of the imperial navy' and then tries to freaking incinerate me

She kept yelling that i was stealing senshi powers in the past and causing the senshi of the future to fall in comas i was like 'wtf crazy bitch a cat gave me these things i'm innocent' but she kept lighting shit on fire it was madness

so i shot her with lightning but she GRABBED IT IN HER HAND AND THREW IT BACK AT ME O GOD that hirt so much

i was gonna die when out of nowhere sailor mercury shows up all sweaty with some old guy who got distracted by some bugs and wandered off. then mars talked to her

and then the sand person showed up

at least thats what i thought he was he was freaking short

then he shot something at sailor mercury and she fell to the ground and then like sailor mercury got back up but FREAKING MIZUNO AMI was still lying there

sand person started laughing his ass off and saying that he had 'liberated' sailor mercury from her human host or something i dunno i didn't understand but then admiral mars got all pissed off and started shooting fire at him out of her hands

and then shit happened that even sand person didn't understand

mizuno ami's body started getting pale i meanREALLY pale like a sheet

sand person kind of stood there and said 'this never happened to the others'

then mizuno ami got up and her skin sort of exploded and she looked like this

even admiral mars was like and then the pale ghost ami started kicking the shit out of FREAKING EVERYONE

short guy kept saying 'wait wait i am ur master' but she kept whipping his ass and mauling the hell out of us

short guy tryed to get sailor mercury to fight her but sailor mercury just said 'logic dictates i should depart imemdiately' and she just ran away like a little bitch with some bubbles covering her butt as she escaped

sakura-chan is explaining to me that long ago mizuno ami had a fight with someone named 'viluy' who put robots in her blood, and when sand person separated sailor mercury from ami, the robots weren't held back anymore and it turned ami into some kind of death buster thing
this is too fcking complicated

so yeah were were getting mauled and the short guy kept saying 'i am ci ci the mighty battle queen of the galaxy you will obey me' only with a hella lot more cursing i swear to god every other word was a curse like stuff you'd hear on deadwood or the wire or the sporanos it was like a toilet mouth midget on crack

so now im fighting alongside admiral mars and then the death buster ami gets a lucky shot and we can finally see who the damn sand person is when his hoodie got knocked off

apparently this is something you should know because when admiral mars saw it i think she shit a brick or something

so usagi-chan that is the face if our enemy, the 1 who wants to take over the future

apprently its some1 u know

i got puleld to the future right after that by admiral mars and admiral uranus (the other one from before who i fried in the balls (well not balls i guess) and then i found out about cryustal tokyo and stuffil;ll explain later can't trramit more

U a u ki-c an, f o C ys al To yo, No em er 2 th, 3 57

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