Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #1573 - “Whatever happened to the Suburban Senshi? Part I”
IRC Chat #1573

“Whatever happened to the Suburban Senshi? Part I”

This message is for Tsukino Usagi or anyone who knows her

I need your help

It's me, Furuhata Unazuki-chan

I'm sending you these messages from my keitai from sometime in the 31st Century with help from a girl named Sakura

She says you might be watching. The people in the house that use this computer are all gone.

Something bad is happening in the future to the Sailor Senshi

I think they're dead

No Sakura-chan says they are in comas because of something that happened in 2009

I'm from 2009 myself but my life totally changed one day, in a way you might understand

Usagi-chan I hope you are seeing this

I was walking home late one night after hearing an earful from my brother about how he was dumped by Makoto-san and more about his stupid turtle when I was attacked by some kind of monster

I don't know what it was, by Sailor V(!) saved me.

No one had seen Sailor V for years, and it looked like she was having a hard time with the monster

After I got that picture the monster attacked again, and she couldn't fight it. It turns out she had no powers anymore

I thought I was going to die

But then she told her cat(!) which could talk(!) that the only way to save me was for him to give me an "item"

The cat argued but she kept on insisting and eventually he made one -_-

It was so gross

But Sailor V forced me to pick it up, she said that it had the last of her power and she was too weak to use it

So I used it and I transformed into a magical girl! The cat told me to attack the monster and I beat it!

But then Sailor V passed out and the cat dragged her away leaving me all alone. After that things went crazy

I can't send anymore info today

But the future needs the Sailor Senshi Usagi-chan

I'll explain more in the next messages, i hope they make it in time

Unazuki-chan, from Crystal Tokyo(!), November 19th, 3057

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