#145: “Virtual Folders, eh?”

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<GERMATOID> I've been HEARING a lot about the NEW file system MICROSOFT wants to THROW into Windows CODENAME Longhorn, but I haven't really been ENTHUSIASTIC until NOW.
<GERMATOID> It TURNS OUT that one of their BETAs got leaked, and so the WORLD got a LOOK at what the NEW DATABASE-driven system could DO.
<GERMATOID> Sure, they SAID things like the new FILE system would "abstract the user from the data storage process", but as I ASKED myself WAY back WHEN, what the [BLEEP] DOES that really MEAN?
<GERMATOID> Now we KNOW. It MEANS, that instead of having to HOP from folder to FOLDER and viewing a SLIDESHOW of pictures in EACH ONE (or accessing WHATEVER data is in THERE), you can have ONE VIRTUAL FOLDER that encompasses them ALL, backed by a DATABASE, so you can SORT them by virtually ANY criteria IMAGINABLE!
<GERMATOID> Check OUT a shot of it at WORK here.
<GERMATOID> UPDATE: Here's a LINK to a thorough REVIEW of the leaked ALPHA.
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