#145: “Virtual Folders, eh?”

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<GERMATOID> I've been HEARING a lot about the NEW file system MICROSOFT wants to THROW into Windows CODENAME Longhorn, but I haven't really been ENTHUSIASTIC until NOW.
<GERMATOID> It TURNS OUT that one of their BETAs got leaked, and so the WORLD got a LOOK at what the NEW DATABASE-driven system could DO.
<GERMATOID> Sure, they SAID things like the new FILE system would "abstract the user from the data storage process", but as I ASKED myself WAY back WHEN, what the [BLEEP] DOES that really MEAN?
<GERMATOID> Now we KNOW. It MEANS, that instead of having to HOP from folder to FOLDER and viewing a SLIDESHOW of pictures in EACH ONE (or accessing WHATEVER data is in THERE), you can have ONE VIRTUAL FOLDER that encompasses them ALL, backed by a DATABASE, so you can SORT them by virtually ANY criteria IMAGINABLE!
<GERMATOID> Check OUT a shot of it at WORK here.
<GERMATOID> UPDATE: Here's a LINK to a thorough REVIEW of the leaked ALPHA.
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~~What about that Paladium (I have no idea how it was spelled) OS they were working on with the super Big Brother security? Is this integrated into the new OS? Because I want this new OS already. And I want it now because Microsoft spoils me. But I don't want the Paladium. Becase the Paladium is bad. Bad like 2 accidents on the Merrit Parkway in a row.

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